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on a collision course

Of a person, group, or object, on a certain path to conflict, collision, destruction, or ruin with someone or something else. The radical left-wing coalition is set to be on a collision course with the majority conservative government this January. Little did the passengers know that they were riding a train on a collision course with disaster.
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be on a collision course

if two people or groups are on a collision course, they are doing or saying things which are certain to cause a serious disagreement or a fight between them All attempts at diplomacy have broken down and the two states now appear to be on a collision course. (often + with ) The British government is on a collision course with the American administration over trade tariffs.
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To be a part of God's universe, then, is to see the collisions in our lives not as travesties we should have been able to swerve around, but rather as the inevitabilities of belonging to a universe that requires collision in order to expand.
It is not known how many of the collisions resulted from motor vehicles passing bicycles.
The astronomers' computer simulation reveals that a collision between Andromeda and its companion dwarf galaxy Ma2 reproduces the rings.
From the moment an impact is recognized as a collision to the moment of airbag inflation, only 0.
The binary exponential backoff (BEB), a widely used backoff algorithm, adjusts the contention window size by indirectly estimating the traffic in the communication medium at individual nodes, in effect by counting consecutive collisions involving the same packet.
For example, more sophisticated path determination algorithms fed by information from vision systems will extend the distance at which potential collisions can be identified, thus effectively offering a margin of safety at higher speeds.
DriveCam does not analyze collision events for legal reasons; however, extensive video event review of a driver's prior non-collision poor driving behaviors allows DriveCam to better understand those behaviors that act as leading indicators of collisions.
There have been 31 fatal collisions, with 38 people killed, in 2005, compared to 42 fatal collisions at this time last year, resulting in 47 deaths, Witmer said.
In particular, the researchers propose that two or more Pluto-size objects collided sometime in the past million years and that many subsequent collisions between the resulting fragments led to the disk around Vega.
The researchers set out to explain all existing data on cold cesium collisions, including new data from experiments performed at Stanford University.
The behaviors with the largest observed variance between utilities drivers with no collisions and those with one or more collisions were:
The collisions indicated by the Spitzer data may be similar to a significant smashup in our own solar system.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - An international test team is wrapping up a series of tests of software intended to save lives by automatically steering fast-moving, high-performance jets away from collisions with other aircraft.
While drivers with one or more collisions represent fewer than 5% of all waste drivers in the study, more than 64% were consistently cited for five poor driving behaviors.
Astronomers estimate that only a few hundred massive clusters exist simultaneously in the cosmos and that only 20 to 30 of them are in the midst of collisions.