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take a collection up (from someone) (for someone or something)

to collect money from people for someone or something. Karen took a collection up from everyone in the office for Bill. Karen took up a collection for Bill from everyone in the office.
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take up a collection

Request and gather donations, as in They were taking up a collection for the church that burned down, or The veterans' group takes up a collection every month of household goods and furniture. This idiom was first recorded in 1849.
See also: collection, take, up
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Shawa explains the processes by which paper map collections are digitized, metadata records are created, and imagery is made available for preview and direct download from Princeton's Digital Map and Geospatial Information Center.
Victoria Steele, head of the department of special collections at the University of California, Los Angeles' Charles E.
HELLENIC RUG IMPORTS unveils new collections and adds to successful ones.
uk/pubglasstoolkit) is aimed at existing providers of recycling or waste collection services who want to develop glass collection agreements with LREs, which include bars, cards, hotels and restaurants among other establishments that often consume large quantities of products packaged in glass containers, particularly bottles.
There is little doubt that this first show at La Maison Rouge was inspired by--in fact based on--Suzanne Page's "Passions Privees," the 1995 exhibition of reinstalled rooms from private collections held at the Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.
Edsall was honored with the 2002 Lillian Moore Award by the Dance Perspectives Foundation as the editor of A Core Collection in Dance, a major reference work that grew out of her Columbia University graduate work.
The last section of the collection, "Rhetorics, Philosophies, and Histories," is, as its title suggests, something of a hodgepodge.
there's a 33% chance that a collection agency will recover your money.
This change in focus means curators at major corporations are spending more time maintaining collections than looking for new works, as well as organizing public loan shows of art as testimony to their companies' commitment to the arts.
However, keeping a close watch on both your customers and your own receiving schedule, as well as revising your collection practices, can eliminate many problems and ensure timely payment.
And Roderick and Marjorie Webster have done a great deal in the last 30 years to build it into one of the premier collections of its kind.
This partnership gives ScoreNet users a further channel to access delinquent and charged-off accounts, and combined with Fair Isaac's analytic models, clients can optimize placement and channel distribution strategies, enabling improved collections at lower costs.
Just as crucial here will be the use of this software to generate metadata for existent, "deep Web" collections (for example, article databases or e-print collections or other databases where access is through a search front-end) in many different document formats other than HTML.
Taking the trade of recovered paper into account, commingled collections can have a big impact on the quality of material available to the industry.
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