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However, the Coates family are pleased to have had the opportunity to build a picture of the events that led to Mr Coates's death and to fully understand what happened that day.
An author of many and diverse book-length studies on cinema, Coates brings an expansive and inclusive breadth of knowledge to this project on cinematic faces.
Mr Sheffield heard from a report that shop assistant Mr Coates was single and lived at Fleet House.
The only difference for Mrs Coates if she had have been admitted to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital is that she would not have found her way to me (and this inquest) and I hope the family will take some comfort from that.
Stand-in boss Scott Young is in pole position to land the Glens job on a permanent basis and is expected to make a move for Coates during a summer squad rebuilding process at the Oval.
Earlier this year, the Sunday Times Rich List estimated Bet365, which is owned by the Coates family, to be worth pounds 375million, and while admitting that he could see advantages to relocating, the firm's chief executive, whose father Peter is chairman of Stoke City football club, was quick to quash such stories.
Additional information about the Company including photos and videos are available at the Coates News website www.
Coates runs regular monthly sessions at The Victoria in John Bright Street, Birmingham.
Coates served in the army in the late 1930s and then volunteered with the Royal Canadian Air Force special reserves for the Second World War.
Coates, of Devon, was bailed until Wednesday by a court martial.
Coates stopped by Valencia Valley Elementary School to thank his new buddies face to face and get better acquainted.
Coates says of the importance of ergonomics: "In the end, no one decides whether to buy a product, or which product to buy, until it looks and feels right-no matter how thoroughly she has consulted friends and consumer magazines.
Coates is a senior ENT surgeon at the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth, Western Australia.
Coates is also a member of ASTM Committee D11 on Rubber.