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be as regular as clockwork

To happen at predictable intervals. My daughter starts crying every night at bedtime—it's as regular as clockwork.
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go like clockwork

To proceed, progress, or operate predictably and dependably. Everything is going like clockwork, so we should be ready to start construction by the end of the month. The conference went like clockwork from beginning to end.
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go like clockwork

Fig. to progress with regularity and dependability. The building project is progressing nicely. Everything is going like clockwork. The elaborate pageant was a great success. It went like clockwork from start to finish.
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*regular as clockwork

Cliché very regular; completely predictable. (*Also: as ~.) George goes down to the bus stop at 7:45 every morning, as regular as clockwork. You can always depend on Nancy to complain about the office for fifteen minutes every afternoon, regular as clockwork.
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run like clockwork

to run very well; to progress very well. I want this office to run like clockworkwith everything on time and everything done right. The plans for the party were made and we knew that we could depend on Alice to make sure that everything ran like clockwork.
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like clockwork

Also, regular as clockwork. With extreme regularity, as in Ruth arrives every Wednesday morning just like clockwork, or You can count on his schedule, which is regular as clockwork, or Their assembly line runs like clockwork. This idiom alludes to the mechanical and therefore very regular action of a clock. [Second half of 1600s]
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like clockwork

1. If something goes or runs like clockwork, it works very well and happens in exactly the way it is expected to. The journey there went like clockwork — flying out on Friday from Gatwick it took seven hours door-to-door. He soon had the household running like clockwork.
2. If someone does something like clockwork, they do it regularly, always at the same time. They would arrive like clockwork just before dawn. Every day at 3:00, like clockwork, he comes in here for a cup of coffee. Note: You can also say that someone does something, or that something happens, regular as clockwork. Every three years, regular as clockwork, the great Anne Tyler produces a new novel.
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like clockwork

With machinelike regularity and precision; perfectly: The project proceeded like clockwork.
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When the winding was completed the Russian set a pointer upon a small dial at the side of the clockwork, then he replaced the cover upon the black box, and returned the entire machine to its hiding-place in the table.
Honestly, and all above board, those big clockwork dolls of mine do bring your coals or claret or a timetable quicker than any live servants I've ever known, if you know which knob to press.
But as Angus closed the front door behind him he saw Smythe push back a button, and one of the clockwork images glided from its place and slid along a groove in the floor carrying a tray with syphon and decanter.
said the nightmare at his ear; and he sickened for an instant at the idea of rent, human remains absorbed and crushed into all that acephalous clockwork.
CLOCKWORKS Learn the science and history of timekeeping by viewing animated demonstrations on how clocks and watches work
BUSINESS WIRE)--May 29, 1997--Synergy Semiconductor, a leader in high-performance bipolar ICs, today announced the addition of three new Phase Locked Loops (PLLs) to its ClockWorks family tree of clock generation and distribution chips.
The ClockWorks family consists of a range of standard ICs in five categories including frequency synthesizers, clock generators, clock distribution and drivers, programmable delay lines and PLLs.
9, 1996--Synergy Semiconductor is now offering its high-speed, ClockWorks (TM) family of clock generation and distribution chips in 3.
Our new three-volt ClockWorks products allows designers to pick and choose among a range of standard devices that best accommodates the fastest of system clock speeds, while meeting and surpassing the high-performance, low-skew and low-jitter requirements of today's advanced 3.
Companies that send their software projects overseas can lose control and run into insurmountable cultural barriers, says Ben Boverman, president of Clockwork Software Associates Corp.
Since mid-1999, Clockwork has served a Fortune 500 firm needing a full set of Windows 2000 server tools, a chamber of commerce putting up an online barter system, and various businesses, software developers, consulting firms, and recruiters seeking an alternative to full-time employees.