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Christmas disease

Hemophilia (or haemophilia) B, a blood-clotting disorder in which a mutation of the Factor IX gene leads to a deficiency of Factor IX (or Christmas factor), a serine protease of the coagulation system. Both the factor and the disease are named for Stephen Christmas (not the holiday), the first patient discovered to have the condition in 1952. We haven't let our daughter participate in any more physical sports since she was diagnosed with Christmas disease last year.
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Christmas graduate

A college or university student who discontinues his or her education after the end of the first term (i.e., around Christmastime). Primarily heard in US, South Africa. While I firmly believe in the importance of continued education, there are always a few Christmas graduates each year for whom college is just not well suited.
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Christmas tree bill

In the US Congress, a minor bill that attracts many additional (and often unrelated) amendments attached to it, thus likened to ornaments hung upon a Christmas tree. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. If one really wants to see how corporate interests pervade the political process, one must simply examine the numerous amendments of the so-called Christmas tree bills that crop up each year.
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cancel someone's Christmas

Sl. to kill someone; to destroy someone. (Underworld or jocular; the idea is that the dead person will not live until Christmas.) If he keeps bugging me, I'm gonna cancel his Christmas. Willie threatened to cancel Richard's Christmas if Richard didn't pay up.
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Christmas comes but once a year.

Prov. Since Christmas only happens once a year, we should treat it as a special time by being good to others or by indulging children. Christmas comes but once a year, so we urge you to give to those less fortunate through this Christmas charity campaign.
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like turkeys voting for (an early) Christmas

  (British & Australian humorous)
if people are like turkeys voting for Christmas, they choose to accept a situation which will have very bad results for them
Usage notes: Turkeys are large birds which are often eaten on Christmas Day.
Teachers agreeing to even larger class sizes would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.
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cancel someone’s Christmas

tv. to kill someone; to destroy someone. (Underworld. The dead person will miss Christmas.) If he keeps bugging me, I’m gonna cancel his Christmas.
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Christmas tree

n. a drunkard. (From being lit like a Christmas tree.) A well-dressed Christmas tree sat in the corner—lit up, of course.
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CHRISTMASSY MELODIES: Christopher Monks conducts the Armonico Consort in concert.
After all, what's Christmassy about a cardboard assemblage of indifferent bits of chocolate, with Sponge Bob Squarepants on the front?
Mary Medd, of St George's Road, Stoke, Coventry, sent these Christmassy pictures (above and below) taken at Hilltop Garden Centre, Shilton.
Each evening until December 24, there's a live performer behind a different door in the town, who emerges for a 15-minute Christmassy performance.
Along with boxes bulging with Christmassy veg, you can add storecupboard staples and an impressive array of festive fare to orders, all from the comfort of home.
SHORT of being an elf or Santa, Declan Austin must have the most Christmassy job in the world.
RED is about as Christmassy as it gets when it comes to traditional festive colours - head to Wilkinson where these red sequin baubles, below right, are just 50p each.
I HAVE just read that Post Office staff only issue special Christmas first and second-class stamps of Madonna and Child if you request them, but as people don't know this we are just being issued with ordinary stamps or some with angels which aren't especially Christmassy.
Looking forward to treading the boards for the first time at Dublin's Grand Canal Theatre, Aled said: "The show is unashamedly schmaltzy, camp, very Christmassy and very glitzy.
They made loads of money for the charity, and it was so Christmassy I loved it.
It has actually started to make me feel really Christmassy.
Q I WOULD very much like to make my children's bedrooms feel Christmassy this year, but don't want anything too fiddly that my little ones could play with.
It could be a frosty landscape; a house decked with fairy lights; a robin in the garden; or festive crowds of shoppers - anything that seems Christmassy.
Another tester says: "The Christmas Pudding Slice was moist, fruity and Christmassy but you need a strong cup of tea to go with them.