(ˈʃɑɪtɑʊn and ˈtʃɑɪtɑʊn)
n. Chicago, Illinois. I can’t wait to get back to old Chitown.
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As for the new doc in Chitown, next week's TV Guide is reporting that Mark Harmon, last seen in the short-lived ABC series ``Charlie Grace,'' will be joining the ``Hope'' staff.
Too bad this two-game Cards-Cubs series isn't in Chitown.
African Americans have thrived in Chitown, as it is affectionately known to locals, ever since a black man, Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable, founded a trading post in 1782.
com, the nation's third-largest and fastest-growing group buying destination, today announced the acquisition of Chicago-based Chitown Deals for an undisclosed sum.
Beginning today, Chitown Deals members have access to Tippr's national network of discounted online merchandise, as well as the guaranteed best deals (50 - 90% off) at Chicago's finest local businesses.
Case in point, Tippr kept the Chitown Deals branded site and community intact and fully transitioned the site to Tippr's advanced platform in less than 48 hours.
Just to make sure we got this right: Mike Williams, Lance Carter, Ramon Hernandez, Shiggy Hasegawa, Mike MacDougal, Armando Benitez, Rondell White and Aaron Boone will be in Chitown as authorized participants for All-Stars.
Warning to that poor racist John Rocker: When you get to Chitown, don't expect that L.
Three teams, Team Excel from Minneapolis, Team Victory from Orlando and Team Chitown from Chicago, emerged as finalists from a preliminary competition in March.
We talk and write a lot about the country's heartland, how rock `n'roll seems to travel up and down the Mississippi River from N'Awlins to ChiTown getting pricked, jabbed, poked, prodded into its latest incarnations.
Chitown disc jockey Tom Joyner hosts a syndicated show (Monday-Saturday, 6-10 a.
Last week Tippr announced the acquisition of Chicago-based Chitown Deals, which was transitioned to Tippr's group buying platform with full functionality in less than 48 hours, while retaining the site's branding and providing continuity for local consumers.
Easter in Chicago: Celebrate Easter in Chicago this year, and enjoy easter egg hunts, and other fun Easter activities in Chitown.
In Chicago, Pardo will be joined by famed television star Poncho de Anda at the brand's main events which will gather hundreds of soccer fanatics at Chitown Arena.
Following Florida's Game 5 victory, there was a sense of uneasy confidence--if there is such a thing--among the Chitown faithful.