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que sera sera

A phrase that suggests that the future is uncertain or out of one's control. Its most common spelling is in Spanish, and it is usually understood to mean "whatever will be will be." A: "How are you not stressed about getting your exam grades back?" B: "Oh, que sera sera! I studied, I took the tests—what else can I do now?"
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An imitation of the sound that an antique cash register would make, often used when discussing financial matters or transactions, especially some form of profit. "Ching ching" and "ka-ching" are also commonly used. We've posted some excellent sales numbers this holiday season—ching!
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and Ka-ching!
exclam. the sound of a cash register, said to indicate money or imply a financial motive or success. Just got another big order. Ka-ching! Tell, me what’s important, dude. Ching! Right?


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