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Hard/Tough cheddar!

  (British & Australian informal) also Stiff cheddar! (Australian informal)
something that you say to or about someone to whom something bad has happened in order to show that you have no sympathy for them It's about time Richard realized that he can't have everything his own way - tough cheddar, that's what I say!
See also: hard


n. nonsense; bullshit. I’m tired of listening to all your booty-cheddar.


and chedda
n. money; cash. (see also cheese = money.) Shizzle! I’m out of chedda. I’m totally out of cheddar. Can you loan me a Benji?
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Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs Richard Lochhead announced that Orkney, Scottish Island Cheddar has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status under the EU Protected Food Names (PFN) scheme.
Orkney Scottish island cheddar has been produced with locally sourced milk from a recipe passed through generations since 1946.
Pilgrims Choice had previously been listed with its j mature Cheddar and Tickler with a 350g wedge of its extramature Cheddar.
include Just Delicious Extra Mature Cheddar, Rich & Creamy Mature Cheddar, Simply Gorgeous Vintage Cheddar, So Mellow Mild Cheddar, TNT Aged Cheddar and Village Oak 18 Month-Old Cheddar; Wyke's Truly Scrumptious Farmhouse Butter is also being introduced.
Collier's, which is made at the Llandyrnog Creamery in Denbigh from Welsh milk, took honours in both the Cheeses from Wales category and the Vintage Cheddar category.
We've teamed up with Seriously Strong Cheddar to give away a picnic hamper and rug, along with a selection of goodies from the Seriously range.
The Pembrokeshire site beat other creameries across the UK to win gold for its mature cheddar.
Examples include dry Jack, aged Cheddar, hard goat cheese, aged goat's milk cheese, Parmesan and aged Gouda.
Just one ounce of full-fat swiss, cheddar, or most other cheeses contains eight or nine grams of fat, five or six of which are saturated - the kind that put the Mercedes in your cardiologist's garage.
Although there is no objective way of quantifying sweetness, anecdotal evidence as well as consumer tests and brand research suggest consumers are favouring sweeter Cheddars over more traditional flavour profiles these days.
In addition to Lockerbie's gold, a further ten top prizes were won by Milk Link's creameries at the show: Taw Valley Creamery, in North Tawton, Devon, won five including the DSM Trophy for Best Single Vintage Cheddar; The Christian Hansen Trophy for its Double Gloucester; the Cryovac Award for Best Cheese with Health Benefits; and further gold awards for its Red Leicester and Organic Cheddar.
Tomato Basil Cheddar recently won Best of Class in the 2007 United States Cheese Competition.
Cheesemaker Jamie Montgomery is going crackers after six tons of his best cheddar was stolen.
Cabot Flavored Cheddar Cheese, Mediterranean and Pesto; $2.