Cheats never prosper

Cheats never prosper.

 and Cheaters never prosper.
Prov. If you cheat people, they will not continue to do business with you, and so your business will fail. Customer: You charged me for ten artichokes, but you only gave me nine. Grocer: Too bad. You should have counted them before you paid for them. Customer: Cheats never prosper, you know.
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Then the lecture from Miss Pendlebury on why cheats never prosper, on the reasons why cheating only hurts yourself, that achievement however meagre should always be its own reward.
For, as she told me in her crisp, curt tones while my palms stung it was better to come bottom in the test than cheat, and as I painstakingly wrote out the 100 lines that cheats never prosper I vowed to never be so dishonourable again.
When they say that cheats never prosper, they were not reckoning on the worst two weeks of the year for any professional footballer.
We're told that winning isn't everything, that cheats never prosper, that a desire to win at all costs is the province of cold-eyed, cold-hearted fanatics who have lost sight of the beauty of pure competition.
I hope the BOA has the backbone to uphold her ban and prove that cheats never prosper.
But, as we learned in the playground long ago, cheats never prosper.
Two myths were dispelled on Sunday - the referee is neutral and cheats never prosper.
The Sheffield United supremo slammed Hughes for supposedly talking referee Mike Ryan into giving Ullathorne his marching orders, and said the Ginger Ninja's behaviour made a mockery of the old adage that cheats never prosper.
We congratulate his lordship in his ruling and its clear message - cheats never prosper.
And if the referee proves as gullible as Rene Timmink at Stamford Bridge, you can chalk up another triumph for German ingenuity and smile at the quaint old notion that cheats never prosper.
But cheats never prosper which is why Lithuania are floundering at the bottom of Group B while we are on our way to Paris with a genuine chance of qualifying.
THEY say cheats never prosper but there are a lot of moral cheats (who don't technically break the law but grossly abuse the rules of life) who often do very well indeed.
It would be nice to say cheats never prosper, but when you remember the size of Hoddle's England pay-off and read that Beckham earned pounds 2.