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on Carey Street

euphemism Bankrupt; in severe or crippling debt. Named for the street in London where the bankruptcy court for the United Kingdom was at one time located. You're going to end up on Carey Street if you don't get your company's expenditures under control!
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Mother Carey is plucking her chickens

It is snowing. This phrase alludes to "Mother Carey's chickens," which is what sailors call birds they believe are indicative of poor weather. Bundle up, men—Mother Carey is plucking her chickens, so we're in for another rough day on the trail.
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The tin box must be returned to him, but, of course, the securities which Peter Carey has sold are lost forever.
Jordan Carey set his jaw and drove on; his father wasn't so strong.
In February 1996, Erik Carey was employed as a night shift manager at a McDonald's restaurant in Park Forest, Illinois, owned by a company called K-Way.
Carey successfully completed the Educational Program for National Service Officers with Veterans' Organizations at The American University in Washington, D.
In time, Carey speculates, the research could lead to life-prolonging interventions that exploit whatever signal helps keep the mice youthful.
My only criticism is that Vincent Carey is excessively deferential towards the opinions of recent authors on sixteenth-century Ireland, even where these opinions have been advanced only by assertion.
LIMERICK hurling captain Ciaran Carey has quit the panel.
ACNS)--George Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, now known as Lord Carey of Clifton, and his wife, Lady Carey, have accepted posts as vice-presidents of the Christian relief and development agency Tearfund.
Carey Credit Income Fund is a natural extension of that competency.
Reports indicated Carey, a frequent supporting player in films starring John Wayne, died peacefully of natural causes in Santa Barbara, Calif.
Carey some of his own White House homebrew in exchange.
Carey was revered both for his banking prowess and his staunch dedication to philanthropy, which he practiced through the W.
By becoming the new owner of Carey Ireland, our strategy is to further develop our position within the Irish market via the Carey brand, to leverage international opportunities through the Carey Global Network, and to expand our operations in Belfast," said Colin Devine, Director of Devines and Carey Ireland.