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blank canvas

A person or thing that has nothing of substance or permanence within or imprinted upon him, her, or it, such that it can be easily filled with entirely new things. Refers to a painter's canvas that has yet to be painted on. Children's minds are blank canvasses, so we have to be sure to provide them with enriching education and opportunities so as to give them the best possible future. I love moving into a new house and having a blank canvas to make my own! These freshmen are all blank canvasses—we can get them to believe anything we tell them!
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by a canvas

by a small margin.
The tapered front end of a racing boat was formerly covered with canvas to prevent water being taken on board. In this context, to win by a canvas meant to win by the length between the tip of the bow and the first oarsman.
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under canvas

1. Nautical With sails spread.
2. In a tent or tents.
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We paint chairs, trashcans, lamp shades, staplers and other canvases that children bring to class.
uk or call (01732) 454092 and quote CH5T41 when you order - 15% will automatically be deducted from the cost of any canvases you order - not just three-for - two orders.
He's refined his style since he and Weaver went paws and wheels on those first canvases.
Throughout the '70s and beyond, Mel Bochner, Dorothea Rockburne, and Richard Tuttle worked with shape in their pictorial investigations of thought's relationship to material, and Ron Gorchov made truculent and repetitive canvases with round corners and a surface curved in two directions like a saddle.
To the contrary, it is partly the way their canvases coalesce despite such a restrictive painterly language that makes them compelling.
Far from the tidy narratives of Oliver Stone in his film JFK or James Ellroy in his American Tabloid, the "narrative" constituted by these paintings was shot through by doubt, fragmented by the sequencing of the canvases and rendered illegible and almost abstract by webs of pixels and dots a la Sigmar Polke: historical painting, then, not as truth but as question.
Canvases and prints of "Los Gatos High School" will be available for purchase at the event.
Mark Grotjahn's latest works--a series of variously sized jewel-like monochrome canvases that toy with one-point perspective--are flat-out gorgeous.
Perhaps this wink at topology is also an indication of the position from which we might consider the hundred or so canvases that follow in this exhibition.
The lines where the two tones come into contact seem to emit a brilliant light that can make these abstract canvases hard to look at.
com, invites submissions and plans to display canvases of particular merit or those that simply make a profound statement.
They are grand, open, elegant things, and while these luminescent canvases are often pleasing to the eye, they are just as often satisfying to the intellect.
Dual canvas modeling provides a modeling environment whereby data components from two different design elements or canvases are used to build an object-relational model.
Bartlett undermined structural symmetry by rarely using rectangular or square canvases, preferring irregular polygons and often joining these shapes together in quirky diptychs and triptychs.