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a candidate for a pair of wings

euphemism One who will die soon. This phrase can refer to one who is literally about to die or to one who behaves recklessly. His prognosis isn't good. It sounds like he's a candidate for a pair of wings at this point. If you don't wear your helmet at the skate park, you're a candidate for a pair of wings.
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look like a candidate for a pair of wings

euphemism To look like one who is likely or about to die soon. I just saw my Uncle Michael. He's gotten so frail and sickly—he looks like a candidate for a pair of wings, if I'm honest. I'm sure I looked like a candidate for a pair of wings with how ill I was, but thankfully I've been feeling much better lately.
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*candidate for a pair of wings

Euph. someone who is likely to die; someone who is close to death. (Jocular. *Typically: be ~; look like ~.) Whenever Jane wants to cross the street, she just walks out into traffic without looking. She's a candidate for a pair of wings, I say. Tom: How's Bill doing? I heard he was sick. Jane: Not good, I'm afraid. He looks like a candidate for a pair of wings.
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look like a candidate for a pair of wings Go to a

candidate for a pair of wings.
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In the last Presidential election year, 2000, LCV spent $11,808,757 on a targeted and fairly successful strategy to elect favorable candidates.
In races with two strong candidates, plurality voting is vulnerable to the third-party spoiler--a weaker candidate who splits some of the vote with one of the major candidates.
Because licensure in most states had come to mean completing a series of mandated courses, the process wasn't equipped to handle candidates who brought important skills and experiences to the classroom--skills and experiences that would allow them to move more quickly into the classroom if it weren't for the states bureaucratic requirements.
AB 585 and SB 133 offer candidates two new pathways for certification.
According to result of science general group, total 334 candidates were enrolled and 333 candidates appeared in the examination.
AJK Election Commission has declared this while releasing the list of validly nominated candidates, belonging to various political parties as well as independent candidates for the Election -2016 - polling to which is being held on Thursday (today).
According to the results announced by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) on Tuesday, only 379 candidates of a total 12,176 passed the CSS examination, a 3.
PML-N candidate of district council from UC Sair Gharbi, Tahid
I've seen virtual campaign rallies taking place in some churches, I've seen candidates shill shamelessly for votes while standing in pulpits.
A charity may invite political candidates to speak at its events without necessarily jeopardizing its tax-exempt status.
The university curriculum designed to prepare teacher candidates typically includes classroom theory, operational curriculum (classroom teaching, instruction, and experiences) and experiential curriculum (meaningful learning experiences as perceived by the students).
What Klein leaves unsaid is that some candidates might just be too weak or insecure to shun a consultant's advice.
The DNC declined to make Dean available to The Advocate to comment on this story, but spokesman Damien LaVera says there is no concentrated effort to cast aside outspoken candidates who favor same-sex marriage or take other controversial stands.