Can do


1. adjective Having the ability to take action and persevere through challenges. In this usage, the phrase is usually hyphenated. With her can-do attitude, Jeannie will have much success in life.
2. expression Yes I can. A: "Will you take this report to accounting for me?" B: "Can do!"

Can do.

I can definitely do it. (The opposite of No can do.) Jane: Will you be able to get this finished by quitting time today? Alice: Can do. Leave it to me. Bob: Can you get this pack of papers over to the lawyer's office by noon? Bill: Can do. I'm leaving now. Bye.
See also: can
References in classic literature ?
She says we can do nothing to oppose our enemies," announced the Tin Woodman.
This makes it a cause for congratulation that by modern methods a very few men can do the painfully necessary work of head-cracking for the whole of the cultured world.
If you're new to canning and are hoping to learn how, let me encourage you by saying that you can do it.
With the holidays approaching, the Maiers are hoping they can do something special for these families.
Let's see what you can do to spark up the tofu in your life.
You can do something about it or do nothing,' Crandall says.
In fact, once they've seen what computers can do for them, even some of the most "computer-phobic" staffers have ended up wanting to do more and more with them.
But the truth is, anyone who can boil water (and has half a lick of sense) can do it with no problem.
It's nice to keep thinking that we can do what we damn well please, without worrying about the consequences, but this is not reality.
We're going to show these little guys that they can do something wonderful for those who are less fortunate,'' Mastro said.
They can do five or six subjects at the same time because we have teachers that sit with them and help them with their studies,'' Pursell said.