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on camera

Being filmed, as in When the talk-show host began, I wasn't sure if we were on camera. This usage dates from the first half of the 1900s, soon after the birth of motion-picture and television filming. The same is true of the antonym off camera, meaning "outside the view of a movie or TV camera," as in Go ahead and scratch-we're off camera now.
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in camera

Outside of the public view: The committee met in camera to discuss the report.
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off camera

Outside the field of view of a movie camera.
See also: camera, off

on camera

Within the field of view of a movie camera.
See also: camera, on
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As with any TV station, field cameras are very important to our news operations," Ocon says.
IP Network Cameras are projected to grow at over 25% annually.
To be sure, Omino respected the original box and circle design created by his colleague Yasushi Shiotani but mechanical considerations - given the vast internal differences between film-based and digital cameras - meant that modifications to the outside must be made.
Whether taking pictures at a local family gathering or on a vacation across the globe, these new PowerShot A-Series cameras are great on-the-go because they are conveniently powered by two AA-size batteries.
1 megapixel entries into Canon's legendary line of thin, trim, Digital ELPH cameras - the PowerShot SD750 Digital ELPH and the PowerShot SD1000 Digital ELPH - continue to push the envelope of easy image excellence, without leaving a telltale bump or bulge when discretely deposited in a pocket or purse.
Back in Baltimore, some residents are also trying to bring cameras into their neighborhood.
The most common cameras have 2048 pixels total, but suppliers offer arrays of 512, 1028 and 4096 as well.
We are very proud that our new PowerShot A570 IS and PowerShot A560 digital cameras continue to fulfill that commitment and deliver on the promise of high quality and affordability.
DURING MY CUSTOMARY FLAWLESS last-minute preparations for international travel, I left my digital camera in a friend's house in Berkeley, California.
As one of Microsoft's Premier Launch Partners, Canon is proud to announce that all PowerShot digital cameras announced in 2007 including the PowerShot TX1 digital camera are Certified for Windows Vista according to Microsoft standards, without any extra downloads or upgrades.
Pentax, for example, signed an agreement with Samsung, a South Korean manufacturer, to jointly develop DSLR cameras with these interchangeable lenses last October.
As classrooms continue to be infused with various forms of technology, teachers need to recognize the role digital cameras play in student performance and the multiple dimensions this instructional tool does to enrich learning.
Cell phones with embedded cameras have been the mobile industry's hottest sellers in 2003.
Since kids are used to movies and video games and computers, it only makes sense to bring digital cameras into the classroom.