Call again

Call again.

Please visit this shop again sometime. (Said by shopkeepers and store clerks.) "Thank you," said the clerk, smiling, "Call again." Clerk: Is that everything? John: Yes. Clerk: That's ten dollars even. John: Here you are. Clerk: Thanks. Call again.
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References in classic literature ?
Huxtable's lodgings; that she found he was away, and not expected back till eight in the evening; that she left word she would call again at eight; and that she never returned.
He thanked the ladies very much, but he would not call again.
Bulstrode's anxiety by telling her that her husband had been seized with faintness at the meeting, but that he trusted soon to see him better and would call again the next day, unless she-sent for him earlier, he went directly home, got on his horse, and rode three miles out of the town for the sake of being out of reach.
I called there the other day and saw an old chap who questioned and cross-questioned me until I wasn't sure whether I was on my head or my heels, and, after all, he told me to call again this afternoon for her address.
I'll call again to-morrow morning and look at the dog as early as eleven o'clock, if you will allow me.
Yesterday, no new date was set for the case to call again.
Never miss an important phone call again ("I'm calling as I have a problem
Tom, who was part of the England team in 2011 and 2012, said he has been living in hope that he would get the call again this summer.
Addressing a media briefing here on Monday, he said under the new strategy, SIMs and cell phones of extortionists were blocked, thereby rendering them unable to call again.
I call again for such arms flows to stop", the UN Secretary General said.
At first, the idea was to re-vote using the regular electronic vote method, but an intervention of socialist front-bench MP Maya Manolova forced Speaker Tsetska Tsacheva to call again the roll-call method, since that was the decision taken by the Parliament for the confidence vote in the first place.
I tried it myself only yesterday and they didn't call again.
There's no use in your shouting, or asking to speak to a supervisor, or demanding that they not call again.
I was patient enough to wait and tried to call again after almost four hours.
Composed performance from King and Call Again Cavalier meant she is ninth while Great Britain moved up to fourth.