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Dreamy Delights at the Cake Hole is all about luxurious and indulgent treats; whether it's cupcakes or a special birthday cake, this business offers shoppers in the town something different and also provides a base for online sales.
Mind yer cake hole buddy or I'll set the Zulus on you.
she demanded, annoyed that the never-ending forkfuls of fried bread and beans being metronomically ferried from the plate to her cake hole had been interrupted by their jolly hockey sticks-type braying.
Shown a bread cob stuffed with enough calorifically-controlled goodies to keep even her monstrous cake hole occupied for a few minutes, the reply was instantaneous,fleshed out with exhaltations to Norse God Odin's missus,Frigg.
Roedd Amy Archer wedi dechrau busnes Dreamy Delights o''i chartref, a thebyg oedd hanes Louise Davies a busnes Cake Hole.