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space cadet

A person considered out of touch with reality. I tried having a serious conversation with her, but she's such a space cadet that I gave up after a few minutes of hearing her ramble on about my aura.
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a space cadet

a strange or crazy person I wouldn't trust him with the children - he's a real space cadet.
See Watch this space
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space cadet

1. n. a person who is always silly or giddy. Here comes a space cadet who looks like he has more money than he needs.
2. n. a person who is always high on drugs. The space cadets can usually be found sitting on a bench outside the principal’s office.
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Thoughtful and selfless, he gives up his free time to help provide training for younger cadets and has assisted on several junior sea cadet weekends".
And so, every year for Remembrance Day, the Royal Canadian Legion hosts three outstanding cadets from across the country to come to Ottawa and participate in the national Remembrance Day activities.
The cadets attended a civic reception at Edinburgh International Conference Centre on Saturday, September 26, where they met the founder of the National Memorial Day Service Sgt Joe Holness QPM.
Even more cadets assisted at the finish line and distributed medals and T-shirts.
of people in club: We have 22 cadets, and eight staff.
Later, the Corps Commander distributed prizes among best cadets of the college.
He was addressing on the occasion of Parents Day of Garrison Cadet College Kohat on Friday.
e cadets from Grace will now join 400 other cadets from across the county to complete their star training and testing at Annual Camp in August.
The cadets thrashed it out in an all-day challenge competing in five games, conceding no goals and winning every game.
The RAF Air Cadets is a military youth organisation which is directly sponsored by the Royal Air Force.
A Kansas military school cadet leader was arrested last week on allegations of sexual battery against a younger student at its Salina campus, the school's president said Tuesday.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- In a way that reflects the expansion of Turkey's foreign policy vision in recent years, the number of foreign cadets in the Turkish Military Academy (TMA, Kara Harp Okulu) has more than doubled in the last three years.
Four young Qataris have become the first sea cadets to sign up for Nakilat's Marine Cadet Programme, making history for Qatar's shipping industry at a signing ceremony held recently.
The 17 year old, who is a member of the Rossett army cadets, will use the site to keep friends and family back home updated about the goings on of the cadets during their stay in the South East of England.