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Protans make fewer errors than deutans on the D15 test and the CU2 because perceived luminous contrast is available as an aid to obtaining good results (see Table 3).
CU2 communicate information about customer experiences across all units as a part of our value chain activities.
83 1010 1049 0000 3913 9120 0000, quoting "bid bond in the proceedings on the delivery and implementation Software Project CU2 - Task I / Task II ".
Key features include: a high-accuracy stage and laser interferometer option for faster accurate navigation across a device; edit automation for frontside edits, as well as through silicon edits for higher throughput; higher edit throughput on copper metallization with CU2 chemistry option; and sub pico-Amp beam current imaging, editing and sensitive end- pointing with a patented detector for higher edit success rates.
Compuware/UNIFACE CU2 Users Conference, AMSTERDAM, Oct.
Replacement of HVAC related systems at municipal facilities: 2012-Safety and Justice units AC1 rebuild CU2 and cond #1, VFD in community services old engineering building, and Channel 8 cond #1, AHU-1, RTU-1 and Furnace-1; 2013-Library RTU 3 and Public Works Maintenance Facility cond 1-5 and CRAC unit-1; 2014-Library RTU 1, 4, and 5 and Utility Center RTU 1 and 2; 2015-Library RTU 2, Izk RTU 1, Fleet RTU 1 and 2, Service Center LPC RTU 2 and Mitsu split, and Service Center RTU 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and Trane split unit for Water; 2016-BAS hardware upgrade, Finance RTU 2 and 3, Museum CSF RTU and North unit.