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convert from (something)

1. To leave one religion in order to follow another. I converted from Catholicism to Judaism in preparation for my wedding.
2. To change or shift from one thing into another. Did she really convert from that shy kid into a punk rock singer?
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preach to the choir

To try to convince someone about something that they already support or understand. You're preaching to the choir here—we all have kids and understand how busy life with kids is.
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preach to the converted

To try to convince someone about something that they already support or understand. You're preaching to the converted here—we all have kids and understand how busy life with kids is.
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convert from something (into something)

 and convert (from something) (in)to something
to change from one thing into another. We converted from oil to natural gas to heat our house. I had hoped he would convert from an impatient youth into a relaxed gentleman. He did not.
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convert someone or something (from something) (into something)

to change someone or something from something into something else. Can we convert you from a meat eater into a vegetarian? Would you be willing to convert your oil furnace to a gas one?

preach to the choir

 and preach to the converted
Fig. to make one's case primarily to one's supporters; to make one's case only to those people who are present or who are already friendly to the issues. There is no need to convince us of the value of hard work. We already know that. You are just preaching to the choir. Don't waste your time telling us about the problem. That's preaching to the choir. Bob found himself preaching to the converted when he was telling Jane the advantages of living in the suburbs. She already hates city life.
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preach to the converted

Try to convince someone who is already convinced, as in Why tell me smoking is bad when I gave it up years ago? You're preaching to the converted. [Mid-1800s]
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be preaching to the converted

If someone is preaching to the converted, they are presenting an opinion or argument to people who already agree with them. You're wasting your time preaching to the converted. In any case the film was, by and large, preaching to the converted. Note: The converted are people who have converted, or changed their religious beliefs. Preaching is the activity of telling people about a religion.
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preach to the converted

advocate something to people who already share your convictions about its merits or importance.
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preach to the conˈverted

(American English also preach to the ˈchoir) tell people to support a view or an idea when they already support it: Why do they keep telling us about the importance of women in industry? They’re preaching to the converted here.
See also: convert, preach
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It is not right that a convert from Islam must live clandestinely, go to a church that is 30 kilometers from his home because he is afraid that the Muslim community will punish him.
5 days to convert each pattern from sample to date of approval.
Many converts feel a pull toward Catholicism they can't quite put into words.
Rather than convert his general partner interest to a limited partner interest, Dick decides he and Doug should simply exchange their partnership interests.
In 1995, the MTA board decided to convert the engines to run on ethanol, a simple procedure that cost about $100 per bus.
While born Catholics have doubtless held their own in apostolic zeal throughout the history of the Church, it's well known that the convert is often distinguished by an exceptional fervour.
Although Pearce incorporates the names and deeds of various cradle Catholics' like Hilaire Belloc into his saga, he concentrates mostly on the converts, some coming from Anglicanism, others from atheism.
Taxpayers who convert a traditional individual retirement account (IRA) to a Roth IRA normally have until the extended due date of their tax returns to recharacterize the Roth IRA back to a traditional IRA.
We checked all the records and there are no permits to legally convert the garage,'' said David Keim, principal building inspector for Los Angeles' Department of Building and Safety.
s (OTC) current designs is to convert steel weldments into ductile iron castings.
Each holder of 5 1/4 percent debentures has the right to convert his 5 1/4 percent debentures into shares of the company's common stock at the conversion price of $23 per share, provided that such holder, as required, pays to the company at the time of conversion, additional cash in an amount equal to the principal amount of the 5 1/4 percent debentures then being converted, for which such holder will receive an additional number of shares of common stock equal to the number issuable upon conversion.
The money in the cruzado novo accounts cannot be converted to cruzeiros until 18 months after March 15, 1990, when the government promises to convert the money in 12 monthly installments, including monetary conversion (if inflation returns) plus 6% interest.
For 24 years, CONVERTING has been the industry's authoritative print and electronic voice serving the business and technical information needs of companies that print and convert paper, film, and foil into value-added packaging and other products.
The IRS has issued temporary regulations that provide transitional rules for existing businesses using legacy functional currencies that must convert to the euro (Temp.
The MTA's disastrous foray into methanol-powered buses is continuing to haunt the agency as it explores ways to convert its 333-bus methanol fleet because the clean-burning fuel is too corrosive to the engines.