C'est la vie

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c'est la vie

Oh well. This French phrase, meaning "that's life," indicates resignation and acceptance of something that one dislikes but cannot change. I know you're annoyed to have gotten another parking ticket, but c'est la vie. I had hoped to get home early enough to cook dinner, but that didn't happen, so we ordered pizza instead—c'est la vie.
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C'est la vie.

something that you say when something happens that you do not like but which you have to accept because you cannot change it I've got so much work that I can't go away this weekend. Oh well, c'est la vie.
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Today, C'est La Vie Consultants has partner facilities in the Dominican Republic and Cali, Colombia, but expansion is already on the agenda.
C'est la Vie serves breakfast and lunch and purveys its delicious baked goods from early morning to early afternoon.
Q C'est La Vie has got an upbeat feel to it - was that deliberate?
Their 1998 debut single, C'est la Vie, hit No 1 on the UK charts and No 9 in the US.
Mais pour l'instant, le plus important, c'est la vie.
Front row: Thomas C'est la Vie - fighting a tendency to accept mediocrity; David l'Eau Naturale - an untapped talent; Jean-Louis Bonaparte - recovering well from a broken leg.
3 Salad Nicoise hails from Nice--and it's been nicely re-created at C'est La Vie, a place to bathe in French accents and the sun-splashed colors of Provence.
For songs like C'est La Vie, Papa and Wanted, she was seated at the piano on her own, calling to mind a fresh-faced Tori Amos with a good bit of the angst removed.
Curiger develops her theme in six indistinctly defined, overlapping segments: Desired Objects, Object-like Desire; Art and Reality; Rrose Selavy (Eros c'est la vie.
In fact the answer is B*Witched, who are not only record-breakers when it comes to topping the charts but also hold the title for the youngest girl group ever to reach number one, with their smash hit C'est La Vie.
Comme le dit le medecin et psychologue britannique [beaucoup moins que]la danse est le plus sublime, le plus emouvant, le plus beau de tous les arts, parce qu'elle n'est pas une simple traduction ou abstraction de la vie ; c'est la vie elle-meme.
I think it was listening to C'est La Vie B*witched (Embarrassing
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Close-Up TV News recognizes C'est La Vie Spa for its unique approach to spa and salon services, providing the perfect environment for much-needed rest and relaxation.
Mr Maynard is also in the process of releasing a remix of girl band B*Witched hit song C'est La Vie to help raise more money for the five-year-old, and is now trying to track down the members of the group.
C'est la vie as we say in the Champs de Central Quay.