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ride (someone's) butt

To frequently or constantly harass, nag, or upbraid someone to do, accomplish, or complete something. The boss is riding everyone's butt to get the project finished by next week. Quit riding my butt, I'll get it done eventually!
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butt (up) against (someone or something)

1. To be positioned physically next to someone or something. The table is just a little too long—it butts up against the wall over here. Our neighbor's new addition butts against our bushes, unfortunately.
2. To crash into someone or something. My daughter got hurt when another girl on the soccer field butted against her. My car is in the shop because I butted up against a barricade on the highway.
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butt in

To interrupt someone or something. I'm sorry to butt in, but I have some information that might help. Mom is always using the phone in her office to butt in on my conversations!
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butt into (something)

To interrupt something (which is stated after "into"). I'm sorry to butt into your discussion, but I have some information that might help. Mom is always using the phone in her office to butt into my conversations!
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butt out

1. slang An instruction, usually said in frustration, for someone to stop intruding in one's business or conversation. Butt out, sis—I don't need your opinion on everything I do!
2. slang To leave a place hastily. We butted out of the party when we heard sirens approaching.
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butt in (on someone or something)

to interrupt someone or something. Pardon me for butting in on your conversation, but this is important. John butted in on Tom and Jane to tell them that the mail had come.
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butt out

to exit [as abruptly as one has intruded]. (Compare this with butt in (on someone or something). Usually a command.) Butt out! Leave me alone! Please butt out of my life!
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butt in

Interfere, interrupt, intrude. For example, Mom is always butting in on our conversations, or It's against the law for employers to butt in on personal matters. This term alludes to the thrusting of an animal with its horns. [Slang; 1890s]
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butt in

To intrude upon or interrupt someone or something: You're always butting in my conversations, and I wish you'd stop. I can't believe that you butted in on that meeting! We were having a good talk until you butt in.
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butt out

v. Slang
1. To stop interfering or meddling in someone's affairs. Often used as a command: Butt out!—This conversation is none of your business! I wish you'd butt out when I'm trying to talk to my boss.
2. To leave some place hastily; depart: If anyone sees us, let's butt out of the room. The thieves stole my bag and butted out.
See also: butt, out
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Renowned for its spectacular on-property venues and breathtaking views, Phoenix Marriott Tempe at The Buttes is emerging from over $15 million in renovations including upgrades to all guestrooms, meeting spaces, restaurants and the lobby.
at Spencer Butte Middle School; and the Mayor's Fitness Walk begins at 8:20 a.
The Brooks, Hersey design team worked within the already disturbed parts of the butte to repair the site and improve access.
Photo: Rising abruptly out of the Central Valley, the buttes seem to float above the land like a stage backdrop
Current water levels in Elephant Butte Reservoir provide a stark reminder of the impacts of drought on the region.
Phoenix Marriott Tempe at The Buttes sits majestically atop a 25-acre landmark providing Arizona travelers with exciting southwest lodging that boasts natural beauty and upscale luxury accommodations.
After that second mile, runners still have two-thirds of the race to run on a mostly flat course through Eugene to Skinner Butte.
The proposed Joshua Woodlands SEA takes in seven remnant stands of Joshua trees north and west of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, covering 4,732 acres between the Kern County line, 140th Street West, 220th Street West and the California Aqueduct and Fairmont Butte.
Twin Buttes builds on the success of our Colorado Green project, and both generate clean, renewable power for Colorado homes," said Kevin Devlin, PPM Energy's vice president of wind operations.
The city argued that it cost $25,000 to $30,000 annually to make road repairs, pick up debris and repair vandalism, much of it caused by youths who flocked nightly to the butte for wild parties.
Photo: (1--color in AV edition only) A helicopter flies over Piute Butte looking for two boys believed lost in the hills, but who were later found with friends.
With Twin Buttes and other new projects announced, as well as turbines secured and a strong development pipeline for the future, PPM has increased our goal by over 50 percent to develop or control at least 3,500 MW of new wind power by 2010.
Dan Olmstead, fifth in the past three Butte to Buttes, trains with his Jack Russell terrier, Jasper.
I loved the desert skies, the incredible buttes, the wide open spaces and views and vistas,'' Franklin said.
Ground geophysical surveys (magnetics) were conducted at each of the Homestead, Three Buttes, Teigen Butte, TV Hill, Half Moon and Rattlesnake Butte targets.