slang To vomit. I felt like I was going to buick from seasickness out on that boat.


in. to vomit. (Onomatopoetic. Based on the automobile name.) Dave buicked on the lawn and then stumbled into the house.

sell buicks

tv. to vomit. I hear somebody in the john selling buicks.
See also: buicks, sell
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But a new ad campaign featuring people who don't recognize updated Buicks is getting noticed with its ''That's not a Buick'' tagline.
Tianhe Buicks carry the OnStar GPS system, allowing the lockdown of a stolen vehicle at any time and place.
Vail sells and services new and pre-owned Buicks and GMC vehicles as well as the full line of GM Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.
JOE DEMATIO NYT SYNDICATE YOU might think that Buicks are always big, but history tells us that this isn't necessarily so.
That is, Shannon has unveiled versions of the Lucerne and LaCrosse sedans that have been engineered by the GM Performance Division: both vehicles have the word "Super" appended, a word that resonates with Buicks of yore.
Supancheck, a Bishop Alemany High School chaplain, blessed Buicks.
Or maybe she thinks of the Buicks metaphorically, but it's hard to tell.
He started selling Buicks in 1905, two years after David Buick started making them.
From the curves to the chrome, from the muscular engines to the whisper-silent interiors, from the fit and finish to the spit and polish, today's Buicks are direct descendants and living legacies of America's greatest car designer.
After all, who wouldn't want to own one of these great Buicks or to improve their golf game at Buick's exclusive Tiger Woods Fantasy Camp," she continued.
Buicks won't be found in rental fleets or with cloth seats, and there will be no body-on-frame trucks in the lineup.
Holding a promotion -- titled "Click to Win" -- that offered up to 45 new Buicks over a 45-day period for consumers who printed out game pieces from buick.
However, unlike the Buicks of the recent past, the tail lamp is not a single cross-car strip, but simply at each of the corners.
com for test driving any new Buick -- Staged a promotion-- titled "Click to Win"-- that offered up to 45 new Buicks over a 45-day period to consumers who printed out game pieces from buick.