bring to light

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bring to light

To reveal something, often something inappropriate or illegal. The revealed information can be stated between "bring" and "to" or after "light." Discrepancies in the yearly budget report brought to light corruption in the company. I never wanted to be a whistleblower, but I'm the only one who can bring these documents to light.
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bring someone or something to light

Fig. to present or reveal someone or something to the public. The newspaper story brought the problem to light. I have brought some interesting facts to light in my article.
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bring something to light

Fig. to make something known. The scientists brought their findings to light. We must bring this new evidence to light.
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bring to light

Reveal or disclose something previously hidden or secret, as in After careful investigation all the facts of the case were brought to light. This term uses light in the sense of "public knowledge." [First half of 1500s]
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bring something to ˈlight

show information, evidence, etc: The police investigation brought to light evidence of more than one crime.These documents have brought new information to light about Shakespeare’s early life.
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bring to light

To reveal or disclose: brought the real facts to light.
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The futility of the whole process is brought to light in the controversy about state funding for Los Angeles County fishing programs.
Other aspects that are brought to light include the attitude of the ex-POWs and the support of the Filipino people.
The importance of our elders' stories of childhood are brought to light in Children of Long Ago: Poems, by Lessie Jones Little.
In doing so this new chapter of Orvieto per la Danza brought to light yet another tendency in Italian contemporary dance: the search for a new, perfectly integrated relationship of movement with music.
More significantly, the mandate brought to light an idea that was long overdue: black capitalism.
While Hempfer brought to light the discrepancies between the "reception paradigms" imposed by the expanding printing industry and the particular semiosis required by Ariosto's poem, Javitch aims at reconstructing the responses of sixteenth-century readers by analyzing the way in which they interpreted, manipulated and tamed the text.
In this show, 19 altars, some of which were reconstructed by different priests and artists specifically for "Face of the Gods," brought to light what has long been shrouded in secrecy and misunderstanding.
These last weeks and months have brought to light stinging reminders of our ongoing need, as individuals and as a Church, for purification, for deeper renewal and conversion, for a recognition and acceptance of the depth of human sinfulness,'' Mahony proclaimed in an Easter message.
The only reason why the records of the dirty dozen were brought to light is because the state ordered background checks because of the long list of problems at MacLaren.