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brink of disaster

A point very close to complete ruin, destruction, or failure. Our company was on the brink of disaster, but after our latest product came out, we've been doing better than ever before! The increasing tension of looming war between the two countries has brought the entire region to the brink of disaster.
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teeter on the brink of (something)

To be very close to doing something or of having some imminent event happen, especially that which is bad or disastrous. The company is still doing business, but ever since the recession hit, they've been teetering on the brink of closing down. The crew are so maddened by the cuts to their pay that everyone is teetering on the brink of mutiny.
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drive someone to the edge

 and drive someone to the brink
fig to drive someone almost insane; to drive someone close to doing something desperate. Your trouble with the police has driven me to the brink! The next time you are arrested, I will not get you out of jail.
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on the brink (of doing something)

Fig. on the verge of doing something; almost to the point of doing something. I was on the brink of selling my car to make ends meet when the tax refund came in the mail.
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on the brink of something

almost ready to do or experience something Because of competition from television news, a number of newspapers are on the brink of collapse.
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be on the brink of doing something

to be likely to do something very soon The club's manager dismissed reports that he was on the brink of buying Peter Beardsley.
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on the brink of something

if someone or something is on the brink of a situation, that situation is likely to happen soon The country is on the brink of civil war. We are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. She is on the brink of international stardom.
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