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break (someone)

To completely destroy, defeat, or humiliate someone. Don't cross me, man, I will break you. That upstart company thinks it can challenge our hold in the market? We'll just have to break them, without mercy.
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a chance; another chance or a second chance. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I'm sorry. Please don't send me to the principal's office. Give me a break! I got a nice break. They didn't send me to prison.

break (up) (into something)

to divide into smaller parts. The glass broke up into a thousand pieces. It hit the floor and broke up, flinging bits everywhere.


1. n. a chance; an opportunity. Come on, give me a break!
2. n. an escape from prison; a prison breakout. I hear there’s a break planned for tonight.
3. in. [for a news story] to unfold rapidly. (Journalism.) As the story continues to break, we will bring you the latest.
4. n. a solo played when the rest of the band stops. This is your break, Andy. Let’s hear it, man.


1. To fall into disorder, as a formation of soldiers.
2. To fail to conform to a prevailing or expected pattern or order: "Architectural experts have criticized the plaza in the past because it breaks rank with the distinctive façades of neighboring Fifth Avenue blocks, whose buildings are flush with the sidewalk" (Sharon Churcher).
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Today, Chobani is inviting America to press pause and take a break with "National Break You Make Day" -- a celebration for finding small moments of enjoyment each day.
While Americans take a personal pause on National Break You Make Day, the opportunity for delicious snack break moments continues well after the inaugural kick-off.
Break takers in Denver or Charlotte can take a moment to swing by the CHOmobile, visiting each city on National Break You Make Day, to enjoy an afternoon snack break fueled by Chobani "Flip.
Chobani's National Break You Make Day is the latest iteration of the brand's To Love This Life Is To Live It Naturally Campaign, exemplifying Chobani's credo of loving life and living it naturally.
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