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boogie on down

To go or hurry to some place or event. I'll boogie on down to the store after I finish watching this show.
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full-tilt boogie

1. adverb At the highest capacity or most extreme rate possible; rapidly, recklessly, or with full abandon. When I first bought the car, it was a total hunk of junk; but after a few months of work, it's now running full-tilt boogie. When the police showed up, everyone darted full-tilt boogie out of the house.
2. noun An extreme level of performance, capacity, or energy. We've reached a full-tilt boogie in the office, with everyone working extra hours to get the project off the ground.
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boogie down (to somewhere)

Sl. to hurry (to somewhere); to go (somewhere). So, why don't you boogie down to the store and load up with goodies for the weekend? I'm gonna boogie down and see what's going on.
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(ˈbugi and ˈbʊgi)
1. n. a kind of rock dance. I didn’t like the boogie until I learned how to do it right.
2. in. to dance rock-style. I’m too old to boogie.
3. n. a party where the boogie is danced. There’s a boogie over at Steve’s tonight.
4. in. to get down to work; to get down to business. All right, it’s time to boogie. Cool it!
5. and booger n. a piece of nasal mucus. (Usually objectionable.) Is that a boogie on your lip, or what? There’s a booger on his collar.
6. in. to leave. Come on, man. Let’s boogie.
7. n. a tumor. (see also guber.) Looks like a little boogie down in the lung.
8. in. to copulate; to have sex. (Usually objectionable.) Let’s go boogie.

boogie down (to somewhere)

in. to hurry (to somewhere); to go (somewhere). So, why don’t you boogie down to the store and load up with bud and berries for the weekend?
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boogie down

See also: boogie, down


(ˈbugibord and ˈbʊgibord)
1. n. a surfboard. (California.) Get your boogie-board out there in that tube.
2. n. a skateboard. (Teens.) Can you imagine a boogie-board costing 600 dollars?
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If Balanchine were alive, he might read Digging the Africanist Presence in American Performance, Dance and Other Contexts and agree with its thesis: The people of the United States have been boogieing to African drums and European strings from the "git-go.
One day soon, I predict, we will see Peggy perched high above the stage on a giant crane platform, boogieing like Tina Turner on Sanatogen.
Sarah A Nixon and Mark Chatterton's play will have you Boogieing in the aisles, until January 17.
After you've had your nature fix, go boogieing at X'cape, the town's leading nightclub, and The Square, a resto- bar.
THUMPING music and dozens of boogieing feet might seem like something you would encounter on a night out.
THIS is a 100mph punk workout that will have the masses pogoing and the air guitarists boogieing.
Everybody's dancing this week, which may have something to do with the great success Birmingham Royal Ballet is having at the Lincoln Center, where a large band in the square has taken over and thousands of people are boogieing nightly.
When my husband and I were young and carefree we would think nothing of boogieing the night away on the Tuxedo Princess, an old Irish Seaferry moored on the banks of the Tyne.
No matter, it didn't stop him boogieing along with the rest of us - including B W Hills, with arms raised aloft - when the concert by Abba tribute band Bjorn Again got into full swing.
If you fancy boogieing the night away with your Valentine this February 14, Secret on Temple Court is hosting a Lover''s Ball with music from Shaun M Reid, Danny Fisher and special guest DJs plus a Champagne reception.
WHETHER it was Deepika Padukone swaying drunkenly out of the taxi in Love Aaj Kal, or Mallika Shehrawat boogieing away drunkenly in Talli ho gayi ( Ugly aur Pagli ), the dress has the approval of the bazooka babes.
SCOTLAND's rugby stars celebrated their win over the Welsh by boogieing the night away at a charity gig starring team-mates Chris Cusiter and Kelly Brown.
She'll be devastated if she has to walk down the aisle in a Snow White outfit from the Fancy Dress hire, before boogieing the night away to DJ Double-Deck Dave.
Yule be boot-scoot boogieing, shaking your fists and boppin' with the sounds this holiday season brings.