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1. slang noun A female breast. The male fascination with boobs will always be beyond my understanding.
2. noun A stupid, clumsy, or foolish person. Jeremy can act like such a boob sometimes.
3. noun A foolish or clumsy mistake or error. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Aw, don't worry, you just made a bit of a boob, that's all.
4. verb To make a foolish or clumsy mistake or error. Primarily heard in UK. I'm afraid I boobed pretty spectacularly in class this morning.

side boob

slang The side of a woman's breast when partially exposed or accentuated by her clothing. Does this dress give me too much side boob?
See also: boob, side

man boobs

slang A derisive reference to a man's chest when he appears to have breasts. You need to hit the gym, dude. Man boobs are not sexy.
See also: boob, man

boob tube

slang The television. What's on the boob-tube tonight? Anything good?
See also: boob, tube


1. n. a stupid person; a rural oaf. Why did I marry a boob like you?
2. and booby (ˈbubi) n. a breast. (Usually plural. Usually objectionable.) With boobs like that, she can go anywhere she likes.


n. a television set. (Something for a boob to watch.) You spend too much time in front of the boob-tube.
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Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, a French sport scientist carried out a 15-year study that suggested wearing bras did nothing to maintain perkiness, support our boobs or prevent back pain.
While your pecs (which lay underneath your breasts) might get stronger, your boobs won't undergo any kind of visible, drastic transformation.
Reflecting the trend towards natural, the three celebrities we would NOT swap boobs with were
However the Man Boob lifter requires highly specialized fitness equipment, a snorkel and dive mask.
However, with her boobs being so big, she found it impossible to do any exercise.
Her Facebook post, which was uploaded on Thursday morning, read: "Ok folks another 'game' for breast cancer awareness is to hold a coke can in between your boobs and post on social media I shall get right on that one shall I?
Cosmetic surgery service Clinic Compare found 145 women used its services to arrange boob jobs in the first nine months of this year.
When I'm an old lady and I die I'll have the perfect boobs.
London, December 25 ( ANI ): Ke$ha has revealed that she uses her boobs to play the piano when coming up with new tracks.
I wonder if Katie Price knew she was a worthwhile person before she had her boobs pumped up?
1014851 and Boobs truth Your article on PIP boob implants was interesting.