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He hits Mickey D's after school--you get a Big Mac attack.
For European Big Mac aficionados, this should have made it easier to determine the best place to have a Big Mac attack.
Furthermore, short of being felled by a Big Mac attack, Clinton will be able to defend himself for decades to come, leading the charge to recover and bolster his own reputation (with the help of millions of post-White House federal dollars).
Russian citizens suffering from a Big Mac Attack crowded the streets at Alexander Pushkin Square and established a McDonald's opening day record of 30,000 meals served.
Deep in the throes of a Big Mac attack, but Hamburglar copped all your cash?
There is another big MAC attack about to occur at the Capitol, and this time Rep.
McDonald's Big Mac attack against its rivals will begin Friday with a rollback in prices of its four main breakfast sandwiches to 55 cents, the company announced Wednesday.