beyond repair

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beyond reˈpair

impossible to repair: The engine was damaged beyond repair.
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I walked round the church, hesitating, hovering; I reflected that I had already, with him, hurt myself beyond repair.
We have been working upon it steadily since; but I have to report, sir, that it is beyond repair.
I shall not know," replied Alvarez, "that the Coldwater passes thirty; nor shall any other man aboard know it," and, with his words, he drew a revolver from his pocket, and before either I or Johnson could prevent it had put a bullet into every instrument upon the bridge, ruining them beyond repair.
The sextant and chronometer had both been broken beyond repair, and they had been broken just this very night.
He was sorry that he had danced; sorry that he had upset Heinrich; sorry that he had subjected the Good Sport's nervous system to such a strain; sorry that so much glass had been broken and so many pats of butter bruised beyond repair.
For whoever knows the right and is ready to speak it, far-seeing Zeus gives him prosperity; but whoever deliberately lies in his witness and forswears himself, and so hurts Justice and sins beyond repair, that man's generation is left obscure thereafter.
The old church, beyond repair, had been torn down and the new one built on the original foundation.
DEPP, Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation initiative, leases homes at risk of falling beyond repair from the families of the original Gullah owners, rehabilitates the homes, and then rents the home to travelers who want to experience the Gullah heritage, unique to South Carolina's coast, and Daufuskie Island's natural beauty.
He accused president Salva Kiir of incompetence and bad leadership which he said was ruining and collapsing the country beyond repair.
Serving the east, the recently-built PS750,000 Peterlee structure, which is based at the Hackworth depot, replaces the former Wellfield depot barn, which was beyond repair, and has an increased capacity of 7,500 tonnes.
Landlord Glen Carrington said: "We have had numerous visits with surveyors and builders but regrettably the Three Crowns suffered such severe damage that it is beyond repair.
The base of that monument had deteriorated beyond repair, and the accompanying flagpole had rusted.
Our house was built before the war We had no paint to paint the door Some windows cracked beyond repair Some times we just put hardboard there Outside the house was full of gloom Inside there was love in every room A roaring fire to keep you warm When winter comes or there's a storm You're made welcome come what may Sometimes you're even asked to stay So if by chance you're passing by Just ring the bell and we'll reply Our house is now brought up to date We even had a brand new gate Wrought iron it is with flowers raised And the windows now are doubled-glazed So come along and you can see And we can have a cup of tea by Anon
My relationship with certain executives and individuals at the club has broken down and is now beyond repair.
Christ Church, in Sparkbrook, was ruined beyond repair when the twister struck in July 2005, forcing its Victorian spires and altars to be knocked down.