get the better of

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get the better of you

to control your behavior get the best of you I didn't like what I had heard about this man, but my curiosity got the better of me and I had to meet him.
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get the better of somebody

if a feeling gets the better of you, it becomes too strong to control Finally curiosity got the better of her and she opened the letter. Try to remain calm - don't let your anger get the better of you.
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get the better of

Also, get the best of; have the better or best of . Become superior to or master someone or something; win out. For example, John's common sense got the better of his pride, and he apologized, or Her older sister was always trying to get the best of her, or He was determined to have the better of his competitors. [c. 1600] Also see get the drop on.
See also: better, get, of
References in classic literature ?
Down at the end of the line towered the tall beggar-man, who must needs twang a bow-string with the best of them.
I'll hold the best of you twenty marks," quoth bold Robin, "that I hit the clout at threescore rods, by the good help of Our Lady fair.
He has no proposals, in that dialogue at least, for making the best of things as they are.
It is as though Aristotle were saying: "I have shown you the proper and normal type of constitution, but if you will not have it and insist on living under a perverted form, you may as well know how to make the best of it.
I had the best of it, for I always carried the mistress; her weight was little, her voice was sweet, and her hand was so light on the rein that I was guided almost without feeling it.
Society loves creole natures, and sleepy languishing manners, so that they cover sense, grace and good-will: the air of drowsy strength, which disarms criticism; perhaps because such a person seems to reserve himself for the best of the game, and not spend himself on surfaces; an ignoring eye, which does not see the annoyances, shifts, and inconveniences that cloud the brow and smother the voice of the sensitive.
There is not only the right of conquest, which genius pretends,--the individual demonstrating his natural aristocracy best of the best; --but less claims will pass for the time; for Fashion loves lions, and points like Circe to her horned company.
Not but what, if the world had been left as God made it, I could ha' seen my way, and held my own wi' the best of 'em; but things have got so twisted round and wrapped up i' unreasonable words, as aren't a bit like 'em, as I'm clean at fault, often an' often.
Tulliver, almost convinced now that the clergy must be the best of schoolmasters.
Yet it is the best of all the Moralities which have come down to us, and may have been translated into English about 1480.
You make the best of it but after you have been a week at Hartfield, you are all of you different creatures; you do not look like the same.
Perry was a week at Cromer once, and he holds it to be the best of all the seabathing places.
Best of Category Award for Specialty Luminaires, Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting Category: Hydro-Lume from Concealite Life Safety Products
Of 2200 entries only 257 won a top award - either a Gold medal, or a Best of Class or Best of Varietal award.
Published earlier this year, JBuilder won the "Best of Development Tools" category in PC Magazine's Best of 2003 awards, noting JBuilder's world-class EJB development capabilities and its support for open standards.