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A $100 dollar bill (which features a picture of Benjamin Franklin). I can't believe he dropped a few benjamins on food and drinks for everybody like it wasn't a big deal.


and Benji
n. a one hundred dollar bill. (Bearing a picture of Benjanin Franklin.) You owe me two Benjamins! Here’s the Benji I owe you.


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Benji, a seven-year-old cross breed who loves lots of fuss, came into the centre last month but is finding kennel life too stressful and would benefit from a home he could call his own.
Paris Hilton says her life is perfect since she began dating Benji Madden.
The dog, which is called Benji, was seized by police.
But the only downer for Benji was a booking for diving when the home side could easily have been awarded a penalty.
Hibs, with Brown and Moroccan striker Benji their best players, carried far more goal threat than Maurice Malpas's side.
FAT cat Benji is in line for a slimming award after shedding a THIRD of his weight.
Camp, a graduate of the University of Mississippi, teamed with a University of Southern Mississippi alumna, Margaret Loesch, to produce the movie; all of the production funding came from Mississippians; the action is set in a fictional Mississippi town; one of the stars, Nate Bynum, is a former Mississippi State University professor; and the new Benji was actually discovered at a shelter in Gulfport.
Benji and Co had offered to take over the factory, which closed two months ago with the loss of 250 jobs,from the Welsh Development Agency (WDA).
CLEVELAND - The Angels parted ways with another member of their World Series roster Friday when they designated infielder Benji Gil for assignment, clearing space on the 40-man and major-league roster for pitcher Kevin Gregg, who will start the first game of today's doubleheader at Jacobs Field.
There may be a few dogs among the pics at the American Film Market, but there's only one Benji.
La joven ha empezado la nueva estacion feliz y enamorada del cocinero Benji Aparicio.
Benji had 27 injuries, mostly to his head and face.
THERE was nothing to laugh about when Benji the Clown's trick at a circus went horribly wrong.
Benji Godsal, from Bournville, has already raised more than PS1,500 for the Meningitis Research Foundation, and is now striving to raise as much awareness as possible in memory of Alexis Rose Glynn, from Perth in Scotland, who died aged 19 months in 2011.