behind (one's) back

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behind (one's) back

In one's absence. The phrase typically suggests wrongdoing or deceit. I can't believe you were gossiping about me behind my back! Tom will be upset that we already made the decision behind his back.
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behind someone's back

without someone's knowledge; secret from someone. Please don't talk about me behind my back. She sold the car behind his back, while he was away on vacation.
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do something behind someone's back

COMMON If someone does something behind your back, they do it secretly, to harm you. It's horrible to have people laughing at you behind your back. He's been arranging all this behind my back.
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behind somebody’s ˈback

without somebody knowing, especially because they would not like it: I feel guilty about going behind his back and complaining to the boss.People were often very rude about her behind her back. OPPOSITE: to somebody’s face
See also: back, behind

behind (one's) back

In one's absence or without one's knowledge.
See also: back, behind
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Take your left arm behind your back at the sacrum, with the palm facing outward.
As your friends gather around, calmly remove the flashlight from your pocket and hold it slightly behind your back.
But given the restrictions, he added, "it's like doing science with one hand tied behind your back.
I keep saying: 'Work with your hands behind your back,'" said Ingela Molin, the director of long term care for the region.
Why resume a relationship with a woman who treated you like dirt, who lied and cheated on you behind your back, bad-mouthed you to friends and dumped you?
Envision the move as if you were trying to touch the back of your hands together behind your back.
You know from an ultra-reliable source that your friend went behind your back and dissed you.
You're not completely protected if your shoulder belt is worn behind your back or under your arm.
Difficult that, giving two fingers with your hand behind your back.
So much about acting is about getting energy back from something, so when your co-star is a CGI creature, that ties one arm behind your back in the fight to make a good movie,'' Lillard confirms.
But you discover that, behind your back, she's trying to destroy you