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bête noire

A person or thing that one strongly dislikes. This phrase means "black beast" in French. People who chew loudly are really my bête noire. She's trying to get her shift changed because night work is her bête noire.
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bête noire

A person or thing that is particularly disliked. For example, Calculus was the bête noire of my freshman courses. This phrase, French for "black beast," entered the English language in the early 1800s. For synonyms, see pain in the neck; thorn in one's flesh.
See also: bete, noire

your, his, etc. bête ˈnoire

(from French) a person or thing that particularly annoys you and that you do not like: Edward was furious when he discovered that he would be working with his old bête noire, Richard Watkins.
The meaning of the French phrase is ‘black beast’.
See also: bête, noire
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Credit must be given to DynamoseIU goalkeeper Kristof van Hout and AtleticoeIUs Bete, who were agile enough for the occasional long rangers that popped out from the midfield, in the absence of a well- coordinated move.
By comparison, Marcel Broodthaers, the recent overview edited by Marie-Puck Broodthaers, includes several tantalizing poems from La Bete Noire, translated by Imogen Forster and all en face (as his poetry requires, given its punning) along with a handful of other verses, printed in a large handsome font on par with the oversize book's impressive color images.
Bete is also proud of the environmental benefits, estimating that it saves around 8 tonnes of CO2 a year through its virtual office model.
Meri Maa ne kaha tha, bete Gogo pehla maal le fir maal de.
FBbF10S: Farine d'igname Bete Bete fermentee, enrichie a 10% de soja
A property with community results-as is the case with many senior communities-in residents being able to live more independently, reports Bete.
La Navet Bete - Zemblanity Friday, July 16 Six young men who create their ode to the artistry of buffoonery and dark clowning.
Developing custom spraying solutions is a specialist area for BETE Ltd, with an emphasis which is often focused on 'problem solving' in challenging situations.
WHILE COCTEAU IS perhaps best known to Americans for two of the movies he wrote and directed--La belle et la bete (1946) and Orpheus (1949), which figure on most short lists of great French films --he started as a poet and always saw himself as such.
It's easy looking back down the tracks from hindsight station declaring "I told you Jason wouldn't deliver" and using/abusing the young lad from Chorley rather like Liverpudlians disparage Rob Styles as a favourite bete noire.
They even recorded a track together - La Belle Et La Bete, French for the Beauty And The Beast.
Other liberal bete noires who beat him in eliciting the author's condemnation include Dr.
Other than carbon footprints, the politicians' and media's current bete noire is against packaging, and the supermarkets have responded fairly impressively with recycled or biodegradable packaging, and so on.
The alphabet was accomplished by Bouabre drawing several hundred pictograms based on one-syllable words in Bete, his native language.