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barrow boy

A boy or man who sells fruit, vegetables, or other comestibles from a handcart (barrow) on the streets. Primarily heard in UK. When spring arrives, you can hear the calls of barrow boys selling their goods along the avenues.
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barrow man

1. A boy or man who sells goods (usually fruit, vegetables, or other comestibles) from a handcart (barrow) on the streets. Primarily heard in UK. When spring arrives, you can hear the calls of barrow men selling their goods along the avenues.
2. obsolete A prison convict whose sentence is transportation (deportation to a penal colony, such as the Americas or Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries). The term refers to Woolwich prison bulk inmates whose primary labor was to haul dirt and bricks in wheelbarrows. Primarily heard in UK. I was once a barrow man on the street, selling fruit to the people; but then I killed a man for money, and now I am a barrow man set for Australia.
See also: barrow, man
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Barrows Company president Gordon Barrows said, "In making the decision to move to the world of e-commerce, the reputation of Schlumberger was an important factor.
The Barrows have been under investigation since at least June 2013, according to their files at the Medical Board.
Barrows of Millbury; many nieces and nephews, grandnieces and nephews.
Three new and improved street barrows are also available for use by the town centre environment teams.
Excavation within the last 20 years has revealed long chronologies for some barrows in the region, spanning the Late Neolithic to the Late Bronze Age.
She was joined by Xaviera Hollander (the Happy Hooker), Sydney Biddle Barrows (The Mayflower Madam), Margot St.
This complement to Van de Noort's 1993 contribution to ANTIQUITY extends the pattern in early medieval barrows seen on the British Isles and neighbouring portions of the European continent out to its central and towards its eastern zones.
As part of an internal reorganization to address immense growth resulting from a series of recent new business wins, Health Learning Systems (HLS), CommonHealth's founding medical-education unit located in Wayne, today announced the appointment of Betti Barrows as executive vice president, operations.
Barrows, 69, of Worcester, formerly of Sandwich, MA and Fort Myers, FL, passed away at the home of Sandra LeDouche, 737 Grove St.
Since then he has had four separate barrows seized and crushed because of the health risk they posed to the public.
The volumes by Paul Ashbee on barrows are out of date and incomplete, those of Ian Kinnes (1979, 1992) on Neolithic barrows focus on structure, and, otherwise, prehistorians have to trawl through catalogues or specialist reports.
The City Centre Company wants permission to extend the number of market barrows and food stalls in the main pedestrian shopping malls.
The good news is that land prone to liquefaction or quake-induced landslides can nearly always be reinforced to sustain development, said Allan Barrows, a senior engineering geologist with the department's Division of Mines and Geology.
Barrows joined Sizzler in August of 1992 as director of Marketing.
Sisicottus hibernus Barrows, 1945 [current name Carorita hiberna (Barrows, 1945)]