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The Divil's Mass is ten times worse, an' Peg Barney was singin' ut, whackin' the tent-peg on the head wid his boot for each man that he cursed.
Good mornin', Peg,' I sez, whin he dhrew breath afther dursin' the Adj'tint-Gen'ral; 'I've put on my best coat to see you, Peg Barney,' sez I.
Wid that I stretched Peg Barney, boot an' all, an' wint into the camp.
I was some wan in the ould days, an' the bhoys was glad to see me - all excipt Peg Barney wid a eye like a tomata five days in the bazar, an' a nose to match.
Come an' have a dhrink, me son,' sez Peg Barney, staggerin' where he stud.
You're a sulky swine, you are,' sez Peg Barney, an' at that the men in the tent began to laugh.
I can neither forget nor report the terms in which Barney Maguire asked me who I was and what I was doing there.
But the celebrated Barney stood upon a Persian hearth-rug, beaming upon us all.
You thought that, and yet you came like a shot to do battle for my body with Barney Maguire
I will only say that we had agreed that it would be wisest for me to lie like a log among the rest for half an hour, before staggering to my feet and rousing house and police; and that in that half-hour Barney Maguire crashed to the floor, without waking either himself or his companions, though not without bringing my beating heart into the very roof of my mouth.
In the end he bought Barney, without haggling, at Collins's own terms and engaged Sammy and the other two tumblers as well.
Collins stopped into the ring and caressed Barney, who responded in the best of tempers and tried affectionately to nudge and shove past on the way out of the ropes to escape what he knew was coming.
Ladies and gentlemen," he addressed the sawdust emptiness before him as if it were a packed audience, "this is Barney Barnato, the biggest joker of a mule ever born.
Stepping back to the ropes, Collins extended his hand across them, saying: "Come here, Barney, and show all these people who you love best.
And Barney twinkled forward on his small hoofs, nozzled the open hand, and came closer, nozzling up the arm, nudging Collins's shoulders with his nose, half-rearing as if to get across the ropes and embrace him.