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A nickname for the baritone saxophone. I started out playing the alto sax, but I like the bari much better.

bari sax

A nickname for the baritone saxophone. I started out playing the alto sax, but I like the bari sax much better.
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and bary (ˈbæri)
n. a baritone saxophone, the saxophone with a pitch range approximating that of the human baritone voice. (Musicians.) Willy played the bari when he was in college. He pawned his bary and made everybody happy.
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Furthermore, Abdel Bari told Daily News Egypt that the third industry is the manufacture of screens, which is not limited to assembly.
Por el area de Colombia, entro al territorio bari el misionero protestante Olson Bruce, quien era noruego.
Bari Bari feels different countries follow different policies and it's for the administrators and selectors to decide on split captaincy
Rashidov and Emiliano also agreed to hold reciprocal "Culture Days" of the respective city in Sofia and Bari.
It is revealed from the data as shown in Table 7, that 2KCG020 (BARI-2011) gave higher pod yield when sown from 20th March to 20th May at BARI, Chakwal.
Antonio Ragusa (centre) of Reggina condemns Bari to a 2-1 defeat at the Stadio Oreste Granillo last month
The University of Bari has also developed systems running on the IBM System z mainframe focused on wine production.
The objective of the study was to assess the nutritional status of the elderly women in both Bari and Latuka tribes and to identify the health risk factors.
A short battle followed which left Bari and two of his accomplices dead.
We put the word out in September," said Anton Bari, part of the restaurant supply store owners Bari family and owner of the properties, before officially putting it on the market in November.
THE ITALIAN FA last night confirmed to the FAI that the World Cup qualifier between Italy and Ireland will be played in Bari on April 1.
SCOTLAND fans last week spent an amazing pounds 2million and drank 150,000 litres of beer in Italy - according to Bari city chiefs.
Italian authorities have already allowed Serie B side Bari to reopen their stadium to supporters after modifications were carried out in line with government demands, in a security crackdown ordered after the death of police officer Filippo Raciti at the Sicily derby between Catania and Palermo.
In May 2005, a severe outbreak of fatal systemic disease occurred in a pet shop in Bari, Italy.
Until her tragic death from cancer in 1997, Judi Bari was the US WestCoast media darling of Earth First