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On Tuesday, Duterte said he was ready to open his bank accounts to the public but not to his political rivals, whom he said are only planning to conduct a 'fishing expedition.
The Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Revenue, which met under the chair of Senator Saleem Mandviwalla, has expressed concern over the opening of bank account of former finance minister Ishaq Dar in the NBP.
A flexi bank account gives you higher interest rate benefit of a fixed deposit and liquidity of a saving account or in other words, it operates as the best-of-both-worlds for customers.
Intervening on the occasion, he asked the journalists to discuss only the matter pertaining to bank accounts of the suspect.
The State Bank earlier confirmed it had received a request from the joint investigation team (JIT) regarding reports by a private media house suggesting that the accused, Imran Ali Naqshbandi, held several bank accounts, including currency foreign accounts.
Nationwide and Lloyds Banking Group opened the most feefree basic bank accounts between July 2016 and June 2017.
The consumers receive cooking gas subsidy in their bank accounts linked to their Aadhaar cards.
Use of banks in India is higher than in other countries: 64% of Indians used a bank account, compared to 19% in Bangladesh, 30% in Indonesia, 31% in Kenya, 41% in Nigeria and 9% in Pakistan, according to the survey.
Under the GST rules, refund is to be credited in the bank account mentioned in the registration particulars.
The government in June had made Aadhaar mandatory for the opening of bank accounts, as well as for any financial transaction of Rs50,000 (Dh2,817) and above.
Duterte said Trillanes was able to close his bank accounts in Singapore before the senator signed a waiver and flew to that country.
TerraPay, the world's first mobile payments switch, has partnered with Yes Bank, India's fourth largest private sector bank, to enable real-time international money transfers to bank accounts in India.
However, experts say linking of PAN with Aadhaar, will eventually end up linking your bank accounts with Aadhaar number.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 13, 2016-Fee-free basic bank accounts reach 4.
Creditors will be able to request from courts to issue a European Account Preservation Order for bank accounts of debtors, read a project for the amendment of the Civil Procedure Code, which the government will submit to Parliament.