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make out like a bandit

Rur. to make a large profit. Joe's making out like a bandit, selling expensive cameras. Mary made out like a bandit, playing twenty-one in Las Vegas.
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make out like a bandit

Succeed extremely well, as in He invested in real estate and made out like a bandit. This expression likens other forms of success to that of a triumphant robber. It may, however, come from an intermediate source, that is, the use of bandit (or one-armed bandit) for a slot machine, which is far more profitable for the house than for gamblers. [Slang; c. 1970]
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one-armed bandit

A slot machine, as in It's amazing how many people think they can make money playing a one-armed bandit. This term refers to both appearance and function: the operating lever looks like an arm, and the machine in effect robs players, since it "wins" and keeps the player's money in an overwhelming majority of instances. [c. 1930]
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make out like a bandit

To be highly successful in a given enterprise.
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He said that three bandits carrying a head money of Rs20 million were also killed in the encounter.
The Levies Force arrested the injured robber and shifted the dead and the injured including the bandit and the Levies personnel to hospital.
The Bandits welcome the Scorpions to Shielfield Park tonight (7.
e 'nal was a close run aair and 'e Sticky Bandits clinched it with a lovely dribble and 'nish from Ryan Morgan and another strike from distance from Mark Johnson.
NAyROBy (CyHAN)- Kenya's commuter bus operators and business lobby group on Tuesday called on the government to introduce police officers along the northwestern region's Kitale-Lodwar road to protect passengers from bandit attacks.
King did little racing last year following a knee injury sustained at Glasgow in August 2010, but is now fully fit again and will have a point to prove when the Diamonds and Bandits meet in two League Cup clashes later this month.
The Temghare family, which suffered shocking abuse at the hands of the bandits before being robbed in the early hours of Saturday, identified a golden bead recovered from the three suspects.
Chicago and the Bandits have been such a big part of my career.
Authorities know that quirky monikers based on identifying features or habits have the potential for creating more news coverage, greater public interest and possibly tips that may lead to the capture of the bandits as the number of robberies in Los Angeles spikes this year.
It did not identify who the bandits were, but they were assumed to be Kurdish insurgents.
The Nirvana singer took his own life a year later, but he would have been astonished by this, the 15th BMX Bandits album.
His efforts to eliminate bandits became the third part of his three-part strategy for German national security, joining genocide and slave labor as top priorities.
A sparsely populated land that lacks effective jurisdiction provides room for bandits to emerge and maneuver.
MICHAL MAKOVSKY rode through the pain barrier to top score with ten points from his five races as Berwick Bandits edged King's Lynn 47-43 in the first-leg of their first-round Knockout Cup clash at Shielfield Park last night.
We had our best 11 athletes play that first half of each quarter, and then we would platoon between our offensive specialists, which were the "Go" team, and the defensive team, which were the "Chinese Bandits.