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All Media Baltics was created in October 2017 after Providence Equity Partners acquired all of the media and Pay TV companies of Modern Times Group in the Baltics, which was already relying on SES for delivery of its TV package at 5 degrees East.
Permissions of the regulators of the three Baltic States, including the Latvian Competition Council, has been received.
The Baltics private equity and venture capital training starts with training for fund managers in Riga today.
A sharp rise in freight rates for Aframax cargoes loading in the Baltics and steaming to the UK-Continent coupled with a falling Urals CIF-Rotterdam assessment has helped send the FOB Urals Ex-Baltics market to its lowest value versus dated Brent since April 21.
Baltics and Beyond are the UK specialists in tailor-made travel to the Baltic region, also including Belarus, Russia and Poland.
The author states that NATO movement into the Baltics will create an "irreconcilably suspicious and hostile atmosphere between Russia and the West--one that could result in a return to Cold War postures and policies.
Because of their strategy and limited defense capability, the Baltics are very sensitive to CFE flank limitations which allow more Russian forces in the Northern flank.
city officials who traveled to the Baltics for the first Baltic municipal conference to be held after 1989 municipal elections.
The forced annexation of the Baltics was lost amid the turmoil of World War II but concentrations of Baltic immigrants--especially in Cleveland, Chicago and Milwaukee--kept the issue politically alive by lobbying the U.
The last few years in the Baltics have seen the rise of the economies, and now the fall.
Caption: Konstantin Obolensky, Ambassador of Switzerland, Steinar Egil Hagen, Ambassador of Norway, Liene Derkaca, Mats Kjaer, former head of New Markets of AB SEB Bank in the Baltics
There was great interest in the previous issue this summer, when Catella Bank completed a focused process during two weeks in June where our clients were offered to invest in Baltic Horizon, and we are seeing continued strong interest in properties with good risk adjusted returns in the Baltics, says Dennis Nygren, Head of Wealth Management at Catella.
However, since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Northeastern Europe has become an area of significant American interest where three critical areas of US regional policy (Russia, the Baltics, and the Nordic regions) intersect.
com/reports/c85976) has announced the addition of "Banking Market in the Baltics 2008 - CEE Banking brief" to their offering.
The Rail Baltica [railway Warsaw-Kaunas-Riga-Tallinn-Helsinki], which is the main project in the Baltics, will help to connect the North Sea area with the Baltic Sea area--it will be a corridor from the Netherlands to the Baltic States.
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