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mod. bring your own (booze or bottle). (Initialism.) A note on the invitation says that the party is BYOB.
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Metohu says when Cafe Espresso started, the BYOB model was "just less of a headache.
I would have paired three wines with the four courses I was served at each BYOB.
Visitors who fill out the BYOB Personal Profile are automatically qualified as eligible to win a $5,000 grand prize in BankAmerica's "Build Your Own Bank Sweepstakes.
Others said not allowing BYOB would discourage some establishments from locating in Northboro, especially when there are no more available licenses.
The selectmen will not make a decision on a BYOB policy or prohibition until a public hearing can be held and local residents, all license holders and business owners can be heard from.
Goodrich said she would like to see a sign in any BYOB establishment informing customers that they had to tell the manager if they had alcoholic beverages.
Goodrich said no applications for a BYOB license have been received.
Jacobson said no application for a BYOB juice bar license had been submitted, though some interest in obtaining one has been shown by local businesses.
Councilors considered placing a BYOB restriction on the common victualer's licenses that are renewed every year but were told by members of the License Commission that there is nothing in the city's regulations prohibiting BYOB.
The BYOB policy was also on the table for discussion last evening.
He read from a legal ruling the commission had received from the city solicitor that stated nothing is in city regulations prohibiting the practice of BYOB.
BYOB is currently unregulated and any establishment with a common victualer's license can allow patrons to bring in alcohol and consume it, including hard spirits, beer and wine.
The proposed ordinance comes on the heels of a noticeable increase in city establishments posting BYOB signs, according to police Detective Lt.
Johnson, commander of the department's Alcohol Enforcement Unit, said some establishments that had their liquor licenses revoked last month have switched to the BYOB practice, which has further raised concerns.