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be right back

and BRB
phr. & comp. abb. I will return to communicating shortly. Excuse me, BRB. He’s out of pocket, but he’ll be right back.
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Perhaps some dreams just take a little longer than others to be achieved," I suggested, adding that I hoped BRB and the army of Birmingham Mail readers who had joined in our search for her had ultimately helped hers to come true.
En la Figura 3 se observan los cuatro (4) modelos de BRB en su presentacion final, antes de realizar los ensayos en el actuador dinamico.
BRB patron's secretary Andrew Wilkinson, who travelled to London with the band, believes Prof King's Australian nationality may have given his band the edge.
Openness and natural light drove the plan and design vocabulary: the trading-floor environment facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas central to Vibrant Media's success; by placing desks along the window wall, BRB not only flooded the space with daylight, but enabled uniformity and flexibility for continued growth.
Today, in addition to its printed form, the BRB is also available online through many major university libraries.
He is steering his 30-year-old shingle into live-action fiction, led by miniseries "Ibiza," which teams BRB with Italy's DeAngelis Group and Germany's Victory Media.
As a career railwayman, Reid was an atypical choice to chair the BRB.
In our case, that's children's animation, which is what we've been specializing in for the past 15 of our company's 20-year existence," said Maria Aragon, head of international sales at BRB of Spain.
Kerzner personally selected Brett and BRB to be the creator and executor of the new overall marketing campaign, "ONLY IN ATLANTIS.
Jan Teo, who was previously a member of the BRB board, became chief executive in the autumn of 2015 with a mandate to transform the structure and business model of the organisation.
Giving out details of other projects under the WASA, Dhillon said China, Turkey and other donor agencies have shown interest to cooperate in the Sewerage Treatment Plants and Surface Water Treatment projects at Babu Sabu Interchange besides the projects to purify water from BRB canal and river Ravi, adding that these projects will cost about 25 billion rupees.
BRB spokeswoman Claire Lishman remembers: "As part of the show he ate in Chinatown at the Chung Ying Garden and wanted to meet local Chinese people.
SIALKOT -- Additional District and Sessions Judge (AD and SJ) Daska Shehbaz Iqbal Tarar was shot at and injured by two unidentified motorcyclists near BRB Canal Bridge, Daska on Monday.
Potter joined BRB in 2012, with over 20 years of banking experience with a specialisation in credit and commercial lending.