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dad bod

slang A physique characterized by moderate chubbiness; the stereotypical physique of a middle-aged dad. The phrase is often used affectionately or approvingly. Aww, I don't care that he's a bigger guy—I like guys with a dad bod.
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odd bod

1. noun A rather unusual, strange, eccentric, or peculiar person. His new girlfriend is nice enough, but she's a bit of an odd bod, don't you think? I'm still in disbelief someone like her would want to date an odd bod like me.
2. adjective Particularly unusual, strange, eccentric, or peculiar. Hyphenated and used before a noun. I don't mind if Jeff comes to the party, but I don't want those odd-bod friends he hangs around with to be there. She's something of an odd-bod artist, living in total solitude and rarely making public appearances.
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1. n. a body, especially a nice body. (see also odd-bod.) You got a nice bod, Tom.
2. n. a person. Who’s the bod with the tight slacks?


1. n. a strange person. Who is that odd-bod over in the corner?
2. n. a person with a strange body. I am such an odd-bod that it’s hard to find clothes that fit.
3. n. a peculiar body. I have such an odd-bod that it’s hard to find clothes.