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Some seem to treat the moral standing to blame quite strongly, in a way that mirrors the legal standing to bring suit.
Because after all these years, the blame game is still going on and they can't wait for the other person to get his or her act together because it is all the other person's fault.
Paradigms of blaming on this account will be in cases where the blamer has a close personal relationship with the person she blames, and Scanlon focuses on blame in friendships and families.
Credit and Blame is not a "pure" social science book.
He blames the Government for the epidemic of gun and knife crime.
To be fair, Campos more specifically blames a procapitalist Protestant asceticism that encourages the pursuit of wealth but frowns on those who enjoy it too much.
It's the cop-out: Find a way to blame something else rather than themselves.
He blames Islamic countries for terrorism, which is strange as it was our security services (MI5) in 2003 which pointed out to Blair that attacking Iraq would increase the likelihood of a terrorist attack on our own shores.
In response, Frank Dimant, B'nai Brith Executive Vice President, who previously described the movie as just another in a "long list of anti-Semitic works," reiterates his claims (in a letter highlighted by the Post) that "Yes, you can blame Mel Gibson for creating a piece of work that has the potential to undermine intercommunity rapprochement post Vatican II.
Like most other Muslim nations, Saudi Arabia does not have a democratically elected government, and thus its citizens must shift the blame to corporate America.
22, 1980: An eight-year war begins as Iraq invades Iran, which it blames for inciting rebellions by Iraq's Kurdish and Shiite minorities.
The churches blame the schools; the schools blame the parents and the media; the parents blame the media and the schools; the politicians blame the churches, the schools, the media, the parents and each other; everybody blames the politicians.
Then he incorrectly blames the escape of Osama Bin Laden on both Bush presidents.
He blames crime, rudeness, and litigiousness on the "live-and-let-live urban lifestyle" as spawned by "the moral laissez-faire disorder of libertarianism.
I would have asked Brown who he blames for falsifying his job resume, which is instant grounds for dismissal and sometimes a criminal act.