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big (of someone)

generous; kind or forgiving. (Sometimes sarcastic.) He gave me some of his apple. That was very big of him. It was big of Sally to come over and apologize like that.
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The BIGS will be held under the patronage of His Majesty King Hamad with the support of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka, who is president of NIAD.
Tamkeen, another supporter of BIGS and local businesses, has offered financial assistance to up to 30 agricultural enterprises who wish to participate in the show.
The BIGS allows for minimal downtime and a pick-up-and-play feel that enables gamers to instantly enjoy the exhilarating gameplay and slick visual style.
Over the years, BIGS has become a platform for experts and enthusiasts to further develop their expertise and knowledge with the latest best practices in the industry.
With The BIGS we really focused on ways to maximize the Wii's very unique controls by applying them to all the significant actions in baseball.
This year we are bringing agripreneurs from across the world to showcase their technologies and mechanisms in BIGS," he said.
In The BIGS, everything is to the extreme, from the colossal baseball players to the surreal stadiums, so we wanted a soundtrack that would capture the magnified nature of the game," said Tim Rosa, 2K Sports' Director of Brand and Lifestyle Marketing.
Widely considered one of the most attractive events of the calendar year, BIGS regularly attracts large crowds from within Bahrain and abroad.
The BIGS celebrates the heroes of Major League Baseball[R] and the epic moments of professional baseball," said Erik Whiteford, Vice President of Marketing at 2K Sports.
When the show opened to the public on Monday, it attracted 2,800 visitors, BIGS general co-ordinator Shaikha Maram bint Isa Al Khalifa told the GDN.
Bahrain International Garden Show (BIGS) general co-ordinator Shaikha Maram bint Isa Al Khalifa spoke on preparations for BIGS 2011 in February.
The BIGS delivers a unique pick-up-and-play baseball video game experience driven by quick reflex timing and smart power-up strategies, with highlight reel moments on every play.
HRH Princess Sabeeka was given a tour of the show led by BIGS general co-ordinator Shaikha Maram bint Isa Al Khalifa.
BIGS will feature exhibits, garden displays, lectures, demonstrations and publications.
His Royal Highness also commended the role of BIGS in promoting the application of modern technology to address the challenges in the agricultural sector in Bahrain and meet the needs of modern day animal and vegetable husbandry and harvesting.