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It is BGS with partitioning 1 in 17 problems, BGS with partitioning 3 in 10 problems, and BGS with partitioning 4 in 3 problems.
Our industry is all about language and diversity and our global sales force reflects this," said Mary Alice Jewell, database marketing specialist, BGS.
The BGS auction process uses a clock auction where over the course of multiple rounds, prices tick down.
At BGS we pride ourselves on our industry expertise and experience working in 64-language markets," says Carl Glaeser, chief executive officer of BGS.
The EDCs have also announced the tranche targets and load caps for the BGS auctions.
It is important to us that all of our suppliers have in depth knowledge of this business, and BGS has already demonstrated that it has.
With BGS we are providing our software partners with quality localization services to help them penetrate growing international markets quickly and cost-effectively.
Michael's role will be to make sure we have what our clients need in the way of leading-edge testing and internationalization services - two key services in our end-to-end globalization solution," says Ken Rother, Chief Technology Officer at BGS.
His experience working for a fast-growing start-up company is a key asset for BGS.
Under the terms of the agreement, BGS will continue localizing Commerce One collaborative e-procurement and sourcing solutions and helping Commerce One adapt its latest solutions to the global market.
Under the terms of the contract, BGS, the world's leading provider of globalization, localization and technical writing services, will provide an update of Scottish and Southern Energy's original plant schematics handbook and a new plant schematics handbook for the re-powering project at the flagship Peterhead Power Station, in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
We decided to use BGS because it has put in place a worldwide structure capable of handling a project of this size and complexity and of delivering the technical quality our customers around the world require," said Fabrice Fonck, Director for Developer International at Microsoft Corp.
This auction was conducted to meet the demands of customers who have not selected an alternative electricity supplier and to secure BGS load on a competitive basis.