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au courant

1. (formal) if you are au courant, you have the most recent information about something or someone (usually + with ) I bought a copy of Hello magazine in an attempt to be au courant with the lives of the rich and famous.
2. (mainly American) modern and fashionable If you want to keep your au courant status this winter, you won't be wearing black.
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be au fait with something

to know a lot about a subject Are you au fait with the latest developments in computer technology?
See also: Au, fait

au naturel

1. without clothes or without make-up (= substances that women put on their faces to improve their appearance) I thought I'd leave off the lipstick for a couple of days and go au-naturel.
2. without having been cooked, or cooked in a very simple way with nothing added You can stew these berries briefly with a little sugar or you can eat them au naturel.
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