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cop an attitude

slang To act irritably. Don't cop an attitude with me, young lady, or I'll take away your allowance! All of a sudden, John copped an attitude—I guess he was unhappy with the change in plans.
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devil-may-care attitude

A nonchalant attitude, especially toward risks or consequences. I can't believe he went out on his motorcycle in this rain. His devil-may-care attitude is going to get him killed. If you keep up this devil-may-care attitude toward your money, you'll be broke in no time.
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with attitude

Especially intense, impressive, or demanding of attention. She has now built an entire media empire on being a nanny with attitude, one who won't tolerate the bad behavior of children or parents alike. It's not quite rock climbing—more like hiking with attitude.
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cop an attitude

Sl. to take a negative or opposite attitude about something. My teenage son copped an attitude when I asked why he seemed to be sneaking around.
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devil-may-care attitude

 and devil-may-care manner
a very casual attitude; a worry-free or carefree attitude. You must get rid of your devil-may-care attitude if you want to succeed. She acts so thoughtless—with her devil-may-care manner.
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have a bad attitude

to have a negative outlook on things; to be uncooperative. Perry has a bad attitude and has nothing positive to contribute to the conversation.
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wait-and-see attitude

Fig. a skeptical attitude; an uncertain attitude in which someone will just wait to see what happens before reacting. John thought that Mary couldn't do it, but he took a wait-and-see attitude. His wait-and-see attitude seemed to indicate that he didn't really care what happened.
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with attitude

If you describe a thing as something or someone with attitude, you mean that they are more impressive or confident than a normal example of that thing. This is going to be sailing with attitude. Patti Smith and Janis Joplin were women with attitude and talent.
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strike a ˈpose/an ˈattitude

sit, stand or lie in a position in order to attract attention: He was striking a pose, leaning against the ship’s rail.
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n. a police officer’s nightstick; any club. Andy had a black attitude-adjuster hanging from his belt, and I wasn’t going to argue with him.

cop an attitude

tv. to take a negative or opposite attitude about something. (see also tude.) I think you’re copping an attitude. Not advised, dude. Not advised.
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pull an attitude

tv. to be haughty; to put on airs. Don’t pull an attitude with me, chum!
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