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(as) happy as a duck in Arizona

Unhappy or miserable. A duck would not be happy with Arizona's desert conditions. Her date never showed up, so she's about as happy as a duck in Arizona right now.
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happy as a duck in Arizona

Unhappy. Ducks like water. Arizona is a largely arid state. Ergo, an unhappy person would be as unhappy as a teal in Tucson. Contrast that condition with someone who is as happy as a clam at high tide or as a flea in a doghouse.
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Arizona State (7-19, 1-14) was on the verge of becoming the first team ever to go winless in the Pac-10.
25 million acres) national forests lie next to each other in Arizona west of Coconino and north of Coronado.
M and E's own undisputed figures fail to establish that the Wisconsin house was their principal residence; they show that they spent more time there only during the first year of the five-year period (1993-1994), and that for each of the other four years, they spent the majority of each year either at the Georgia house (1994-1995 and 1995-1996), or the Arizona house (1996-1997 and 1997-1998).
Marie Faust Faver wrote that "during World War II, the WMU of our church, First Southern Baptist Church of Buckeye, Arizona, would send `goodie' boxes to the servicemen of our church.
It is as simple as that," announced Gwen Hillis, chairwoman of the Ballet Arizona board, at a news conference heavy with the air of defeat.
From March 10, 1921, when the Arizona Legislature passed the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, until the 1950's, vocational rehabilitation (VR) staffing in a rural state with two large metropolitan areas dedicated very little, if any, special outreach to disabled Native Americans.
We are honored to receive this award and be recognized by Arizona Business Magazine," said David E.
Today, he will find out how far the Trojans have to go when USC plays at Arizona.
From the time he was named artistic director of Ballet Arizona in 1992, Michael Uthoff has pushed the company in several directions at once, some with more success than others.
Ironically, the same geography, topography, and climate that make Arizona such a challenging habitat to live in also are responsible for its multitude of champions.
PHOENIX -- Arizona State Credit Union awards $34,000 through its Community Leaders Scholarship and the Loan Reduction Grant program to 18 deserving students and alumni from universities and colleges across Arizona.
7 Arizona had three players score at least 23 points and the Wildcats beat overmatched UCLA 97-72 in front of 12,621 at Pauley Pavilion.
The "Loan Reduction Grant" was created to provide financial support to Arizona graduates who have achieved academic excellence and now contribute to the community in which they live.
If top-seeded Arizona can beat second-seeded Kansas again at 4 p.
Language Line Services, Banner Health, and Arizona State University host Forum on Improving Quality Delivery of Health Care to Arizona's Increasingly Diverse Population