April showers bring May flowers

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April showers bring May flowers.

Prov. Although rain in April is annoying, it starts the flowers growing. Child: I hate all this rain. Why does it have to rain? Mother: April showers bring May flowers. Although it was a dreary, rainy day, we felt cheerful, since April showers bring May flowers.
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While I was stooping over a group of hollyhocks planted on the top of the only thing in the shape of a hill the garden possesses, the April baby, who had been sitting pensive on a tree stump close by, got up suddenly and began to run aimlessly about, shrieking and wringing her hands with every symptom of terror.
20th of April, in contriving where and how to remove my habitation.
LANCASTER - The annual MS Walk 2005 to benefit multiple sclerosis research will be held April 9 at Lancaster Marketplace, one of 700 sites for the charity's nationwide fund-raiser.
BLUE GHOSTS, April 1-4, 2004, Nashville, Tennessee, Contact Richard Dubois, Blue Ghosts Reunion, 102 Lechmere Drive, Fairfield Glade, TN 38558-2739.
The April advance reflected in part some further recovery in motor vehicle assemblies as well as another solid gain in the production of industrial equipment, especially office and computing equipment.
76 million units in April from a downwardly revised level of 6.
Monday, April 13, 2009, at the funeral home; funeral service 11 a.
This goes on record as the sixth highest mean monthly temperature for April since 1902 and exceeded by April 2000 and 2014 which were 27.
The following are some important highlights regarding FTAs and FEEs from tourism during the month of April, 2014:
On Monday, 7 April, five constituencies in Assam and one constituency in Manipur will go to polls.
In the District League's Barlow Cup, the tie between Netherton and Newsome has been moved back a week from April 13 to April 20.
IESCO requests to its valued consumers to contact IESCO Mobile Unit as per following schedule for the month of April 2013.
NYSE: ASR; BMV: ASUR) (ASUR), today announced that total passenger traffic for April 2009 decreased by 2.
300% April 22, 3135A0FW4 April 27, 2020 2009 $5,155,000 FINP 5.