Appearances can be deceiving

Appearances can be deceiving.

Prov. Things can look different from the way they really are. Edward seems like a very nice boy, but appearances can be deceiving. Jane may look like she doesn't understand you, but she's really extremely bright. Appearances can be deceiving.
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But appearances can be deceiving, and in this instance the hieroglyphics were the work of staff from the city engineer's department.
The evidence Chick's auditors have accumulated -- countless examples of projects left uninspected and violations going unpunished -- appears damning But appearances can be deceiving.
Point: appearances can be deceiving, so always practice universal precautions, and review them during inservices.
Archaea look a lot like bacteria, but appearances can be deceiving.
The serious-minded Egoyan wants to turn his source material - Rupert Holmes' 2003 glittery whodunit novel - into a treatise on how appearances can be deceiving in Tinseltown (hardly a lightning-bolt revelation), and in the process he saps the material of show-biz brio that might have made the story more persuasive.
When it comes to sprinkler-system problems, appearances can be deceiving.